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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is often a whirlwind of cleaning tasks – It can be overwhelming to determine where to start!  From HVAC maintenance and appliance care to examining electronics, our spring cleaning tips provide three focal points to maximize energy savings and lower utility costs. 

With warming weather and spring flowers in bloom, 80% of Americans are in the midst of a spring cleaning routine. Did you know that a strategic approach to spring cleaning revitalizes your home or workspace while lowering your utility bills? By prioritizing cleaning your HVAC system, appliances, and electronics, you prolong their lifespan while preparing for upcoming summer energy demands. A little extra spring cleaning today blossoms into tomorrow’s energy savings! Explore Integrity Energy’s Spring Cleaning Checklist to cultivate lower energy bills for your home or business.

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HVAC maintenance for spring savings

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) account for roughly half of a building’s expenses. Creating a seasonal HVAC maintenance routine can improve the system’s energy performance by up to 50%. Make HVAC maintenance a spring-cleaning top priority to maximize comfort and efficiency while reducing utility expenses. 

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Optimize your HVAC’s performance even further with a programmable thermostat. This smart upgrade saves up to $180/year on energy expenses!

High-Priority Areas for HVAC Spring Maintenance

  • Replace Air Filters: Replacing your air filters lowers HVAC energy consumption up to 15%. Replace them after winter’s high heating demands, to improve performance and prepare for summer air conditioning needs. 
  • Clean Vents, Ducts, and Fans: Bolster your HVAC’s performance even more by cleaning your air vents, ducts, and fans. This practice improves both air quality and circulation, so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. 
  • Examine Outdoor A/C Units: Outside A/C units are often forgotten during spring cleaning. Clean up dirt, debris, and leaves to improve air conditioning performance and reduce cooling expenses. 
  • Schedule a Professional Inspection: Schedule a seasonal inspection with a certified technician to prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan. They examine all components of your machine, duct system, and fluid levels for peak cooling performance. 
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Don’t forget to check outdoor laundry vents or ducts. A build-up of lint and other debris not only affects the dryer’s performance but is a serious fire hazard. 

Examine and clean appliances for better efficiency

Kitchen and laundry appliances should also take priority during the spring cleaning process due to their frequency of use. Incorporating appliances into spring cleaning improves their performance and can alert you to inefficiencies before they become costly repairs. Furthermore, many appliances are also prone to giving off heat, so monitoring their efficiency contributes to a cooler home. Any effort to improve your appliances’ energy performance will result in a more comfortable atmosphere during warm weather months. 

Spring Cleaning for Kitchen Appliances

  • Examine the Refrigerator: Clean dust build-up on your fridge’s condenser cables to improve cooling power and energy demand. Additionally, check your fridge’s rubber seals and replace them if necessary to reduce energy waste. 
  • Clean Your Oven: Clean ovens heat food more quickly and evenly, providing a better final result with less energy usage. Furthermore, a clean oven window enables you to check cooking progress without opening the door, which wastes energy. 
  • Practice Efficient Dishwasher Use: Clean the inside of your dishwasher and remove debris or food build-up. Your dishwasher will use less water and improve cleaning performance. Another energy-efficient practice is only running your dishwasher when it’s full to further reduce water consumption. 

Spring Cleaning for Laundry Appliances

  • Washing Machine Focal Points: Clean the inside of your washer for improved cleaning performance and lower water consumption. Removing detergent build-up leads to cleaner clothes, more efficient wash cycles, and less water consumption. 
  • Dryer Focal Points: As a general rule, clean your dryer’s lint trap on the machine after each use. For spring cleaning, inspect the full dryer vent to ensure it’s not blocked. Use a vacuum hose attachment to clear any lint blockages. 
  • Try Air-Drying: On beautiful weather days, consider ditching the dryer altogether! Not only does this reduce energy consumption, but it can prolong the life of your clothing or linens. 

Monitor Electronics for Energy Saving Opportunities

Electronics like televisions, computers, and entertainment systems account for 6% of the average home’s energy expenses. This figure grows exponentially for retail or office buildings. Many of our electronics even consume power when asleep or in standby mode, which is called phantom energy consumption. Major contributors of phantom energy consumption include computers, laptops, gaming systems, entertainment systems, and charging cords that aren’t in use. Unplugging devices when not in use and upgrading to smart, energy-efficient technology makes a major difference on your energy bills. 

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When you’re ready to upgrade your electronics and appliances, seek out models with the Energy Star certification. Their seal indicates high-performance with minimal energy demand, saving money on energy costs throughout the appliance’s lifespan.

Upgrading to Energy-Efficient, Smart Technology for Lower Utility Bills

  • Install LED Lighting: Consider upgrading to LED lighting this spring! LEDs are up to 90% more efficient and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This inexpensive upgrade reduces energy bills and maintenance costs simultaneously. 
  • Invest in Smart Plugs & Power Strips: Take a smart approach to energy management by plugging electronics into smart plugs or power strips. Smart plugs have remote access features, providing the peace of mind that standby electronics aren’t hiking up your bills. 
  • Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Models: When the time comes to upgrade outdated electronics and appliances, look for energy-efficient models with smart technology integration. Smart features put the power of energy management in your hands! 

Additional Savings Hiding Around Your Home or Business

Did you know that low-to-no cost energy-saving opportunities can improve your energy performance by 15% or more? If you’re looking for additional spring cleaning opportunities to conserve even more energy, look no further! Below, we’ve shared our favorite low-to-no cost spring cleaning tips for year-round energy savings. 

  • Install Window Treatments: Blinds, curtains, and awnings reduce heat gain through sun exposure, keeping your home or workspace more comfortable in every season. Prioritize window treatments on South-facing windows for maximum impact. 
  • Adjust the Water Heater: Water heating accounts for 18% of the average utility bill. Reducing your water heater’s temperature to the warm setting (120℉) lowers energy bills and reduces the chance of scalding. 
  • Indoor Plants for Humidity Control: NASA recommends placing one indoor plant for every 100 square feet to maximize air purification and create natural humidity control. Indoor plants regulate humidity through transpiration, creating a more comfortable atmosphere. 
  • Plant Shade Trees: Did you know that outdoor landscaping can reduce cooling costs? Plant shade trees and leafy foliage near entrances or windows to reduce heat gain through sun exposure. 
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When preparing for a landscaping project, make sure to call 8-1-1 before you dig! This phone number connects you to your local utility company who will mark locations of underground lines or pipes, avoiding costly repairs or power outages.

Plant the Seeds of Energy Savings this Spring

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Spring cleaning is the perfect occasion to breathe new life into your energy-saving efforts. As you roll up your sleeves and tackle your spring cleaning checklist, remember that each task you complete isn’t just about a tidier space. It’s about planting the seeds of energy savings that bloom into a more cost-effective and sustainable future.  By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can maximize your energy savings and lower your utility bills. 

Moreover, if you’d like to take a secondary step towards energy management and low utility costs, contact the energy experts at Integrity Energy. Our team of energy brokers work with you to customize an energy plan with the lowest rates on the market. Spring into savings by requesting a free quote today!