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About Chariot Energy 

Based in Houston, Texas, Chariot provides businesses across the Lone Star State with commercial solar energy solutions that support their energy goals. Chariot is not just in the energy business; they’re in the solar energy business. Their suite so solar energy solutions empower businesses and homeowners to take advantage of cost-effective Texas solar power.  

Why Choose Chariot Energy?

Chariot Energy provides a wide range of solar energy services and plans that cater to any commercial industry. Chariot energy plans are sourced from 100% Texas solar power. Regardless of your business’s size or energy demands, Chariot has a customized renewable energy plan for you. They also have unique customer benefits such as solar buy-back, low daytime rates, and battery storage rewards. Chariot’s electric plans offer a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint! 

I LUV saving $$$ with my new solar panels & Chariot Energy!
And super happy to have $48 be the most expensive electric bill during the hottest part of the year….the rest of the year, I’m throwing back power to the grid and receiving credits

Lisa K. via Google
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Most businesses prefer fixed-rate plans, however our energy experts can help you determine the best plan for your business. Our team makes switching suppliers easy by expertly avoiding cancellation fees, rate hikes, minimum usage fees, and peak demand charges. Contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants to get started today!

Consider These Reasons to Make Chariot Energy Your Go-To Energy Provider:

  • 4.4 Stars on Google Reviews 
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau 
  • Convenient and easy bill pay both online and on your mobile. 
  • Solar buy-back programs to generate extra revenue 
  • EV Charging plans to power your commercial fleet 
  • Rewards program for battery energy storage systems 
  • No-Deposit electricity plans for those who qualify 
  • White-Glove Concierge services  

We understand sorting through the complex energy market for low commercial energy rates is daunting. Let Integrity Energy’s expert energy brokers do the legwork, providing you with a variety of Chariot energy plans to suit your energy and budgetary goals. 

Everything You Need to Know About Chariot Energy

Chariot offers comprehensive renewable energy plans with competitive pricing. Their goal is to provide commercial customers with cost-effective solutions to improve your bottom line and reduce environmental impact. With Chariot Energy, you can lower business energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and build an eco-friendly reputation.

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Request a free quote today and see how Integrity Energy can save your business up to 50% on energy bills!

Chariot Energy Commercial Energy Plans

Energy rates change almost every minute, fluctuating due to market availability and consumer demand. Chariot Energy’s fixed-rate plans are designed to provide stability and a more predictable bill. In deregulated energy markets, suppliers must compete for customers, resulting in lower energy costs and customer-centric service plans and benefits.  

Chariot Energy Plans:

Fixed Rate

Chariot’s fixed electricity rates are locked in through a contract, ranging from 6 to 36 months. While the wholesale cost of energy varies, these plans help keep your budget predictable and affordable, giving you the security you need. 

Customized Pricing

Businesses with complex energy needs will benefit from Chariot’s customized solutions. With Chariot’s customized pricing option, your energy plan will be determined based on a variety of usage factors. Achieve cost-stability based on your unique needs. 

Time-of-Use Plans

Businesses can take advantage of competitive pricing through a TimeofUse Plans. Chariot Energy offers lower, off-peak daytime rates due to excess solar power production. Their TimeofUse plan is ideal for businesses with a traditional daytime schedule.

Which Is Plan is Right for Me?

Sifting through plan types, terms, and contracts doesn’t have to be a hassle. Integrity Energy’s services are free to use. Our only goal is to find you the best contract and rate for your business.

What Services Does Chariot Energy Offer?

Renewable Energy Plans: All of Chariot’s commercial energy plans are sourced from 100% renewable solar energy. Choose from a variety of business energy plans for companies of all sizes to meet their energy and sustainability needs. 

Moving or Transferring: Take comfort with service transfer support. If you relocate outside of their service area, you can switch providers without early termination fees. 

EV Charging Plans: Chariot Energy offers a Free Night program for electric vehicle (EV) owners. Take advantage of free EV charging between 11pm and 6am CST. 

Solar Buy-Back Program: Already generating solar power? Solar panel owners can earn additional revenue with Chariot Energy’s Solar Buy-Back program! 

Battery Energy Storage Rewards: Already have battery energy storage at your premises? Chariot’s Battery Storage Reward program gives you a $40 credit on your electric bill for each month you’re enrolled in their program. 

Chariot Energy Renewable Energy Plans

Saving on “green” while you go green is a breeze with Chariot Energy! All of Chariot’s energy –plans are sourced from 100% renewable energy. You can support eco-friendly energy initiatives and the Texas solar industry in just a few clicks. Local clean energy production is made cheaper every day through increasing consumer demand, innovative technology, and greater production of renewable energy. Together, Chariot and Integrity Energy are here to get you the best green energy prices on the market, so don’t let another sunny day go by before you start saving! 

Start Saving on Energy Today

Frequently Asked Questions About Chariot Energy

Will Chariot Energy require a deposit? 

Like many energy suppliers, Chariot Energy may require a deposit to begin services. Your residence or business may qualify to waive the deposit fee if you meet specific requirements.  

What is the best Chariot Energy plan?

Your ideal energy plan will likely look different than that of other businesses. Business energy plans are simply not one-size-fits all. It’s true that most businesses prefer fix-rate plans, but other aspects such as Time-Of-Use rates and contract duration make each plan unique. 

Let Integrity Energy Find the Best Plan for Your Business

At Integrity Energy, we prioritize your unique business needs to match you with a plan that provides consistent energy savings. We believe that keeping your lights on should be as easy as flipping a switch! Let Integrity Energy streamline your commercial energy plan process. If you’re not sure where to start, request a free quote from our experienced Energy Consultants today!