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Efficiently managing energy usage and costs across multi-tenant properties can be a serious challenge. With multiple rooms and dozens of guests with unique energy preferences, energy bills can quickly become unpredictable. While energy deregulation can save you a lot of money if you know how to navigate the market, it can also make things even more complicated.

Integrity Energy understands the unique challenges you face as a property manager and offers tailored solutions to streamline the process. Explore how our expertise can help you ensure reliable service while saving money for your tenants – and yourself.

Challenges in Finding Lower Building Energy Rates

Overseeing a multifaceted property is a significant undertaking. Property management organizations face a distinctive array of challenges when it comes to procuring efficient and cost-effective energy solutions. 

Property managers must constantly coordinate energy service across various tenants while ensuring compliance with an ever-changing maze of local, state, and federal regulations. With so many factors to keep track of, just keeping the lights on becomes a major undertaking.

On top of all that, energy prices shift constantly, while deregulated energy markets can make it hard to tell which options are best. In this dynamic landscape, finding streamlined energy management strategies and a reliable provider is pivotal for seamless operations and optimal cost savings.

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Multi-Unit Coordination

Managing energy procurement across a large, complex building involves a huge number of variables.

Each Building is Unique

Every property has its own set of unique energy demands and quirks. Factors like the building’s size, age, history, architecture, and location can all impact its usage pattern. Even the local wildlife can play a role.

Tenants Use Power Differently

No two tenants are ever alike. Businesses consume a lot of power, and each one has a unique schedule and usage pattern. While hotels can see tenants and energy needs change daily, even residential tenants can be unpredictable.

Regulatory Variations

Compliance requirements can vary significantly by location, adding an additional layer of complexity. Not only that, they often shift over time – sometimes quickly, and in unexpected directions.

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Multi-Use Spaces

Energy billing is far more unpredictable for property managers than they are for other businesses. In addition to tracking your usage for common areas, they need to account for each guest’s usage.

Large Communal Energy Needs
Hotels and apartment complexes often have large shared spaces requiring round-the-clock power. Spaces like lobbies, laundry rooms, pools, and gyms consume large amounts of energy.   

Changing Residential Needs
Whether it’s a hotel guest with a single-night stay or a tenant in a long-term lease, it’s nearly impossible to predict the energy demands of multiple tenants at any given time.

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Navigating Variable Rate Plans

Under a variable rate energy plans, your business energy rate shifts to match the current wholesale energy rate in your area. While variable rate plans may be cheaper in the long run, their unpredictability makes them a poor choice for most businesses. They’re especially tricky to navigate for property managers.

Cost Fluctuations

Property managers have little control over how much energy their tenants use. This can make your monthly energy bills highly unpredictable.

Sudden Price Spikes

During periods of high demand, the wholesale energy cost can jump sharply. With each tenant magnifying both demand and usage, property managers are especially vulnerable to these rate increases.

Navigating Complicated Markets

Deregulated energy markets are complex and shift constantly. Without deep knowledge of the energy industry, it’s nearly impossible to negotiate for – or even identify – a favorable energy plan.

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Energy Waste and Inefficiency

Energy wastage is just as bad for your bottom line as it is for the environment. Large buildings often have hundreds of problems that waste energy. All that waste can add up fast – and cost a lot.

Lighting Empty Rooms

Some important rooms like lobbies, elevator bays, and laundry rooms need to be well-lit for anyone who walks in, but they’re empty most of the time. Every dollar you spend lighting these rooms is one less in your pocket.

Outdated Building Systems

From boilers to ventilation to wiring, old and poorly-maintained building systems can consume far more than their fair share of energy. In the worst cases, they can even pose a fire hazard, endangering the entire building.

Impending Efficiency Rules

Energy efficiency regulations are growing more stringent by the year. Property managers who don’t implement improvements early can end up paying steep retrofitting costs to meet regulations in time – or even bigger fines if they don’t.

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Compliance and Reporting Challenges

Ensuring compliance with energy regulations is a foundational responsibility in property management. It’s tricky to navigate the labyrinthine web of local, state, and federal regulations to understand which rules apply to each building, but penalties for non-compliance can be incredibly steep.

Meticulous Regulatory Adherence

Property managers can afford to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their properties meet the diverse local and federal energy efficiency and reporting requirements.

Accurate Documentation and Reporting

Maintaining meticulous records and providing the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with energy regulations is a non-negotiable aspect of responsible property management.

Staying Ahead of Regulatory Shifts

Property managers must stay vigilant about evolving energy regulations is imperative, as these changes may significantly impact the operations of the properties they oversee.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Hospitality Operations

In the dynamic realm of hospitality, Integrity Energy stands as a steadfast partner, well-versed in the distinctive challenges faced by property management companies. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to streamline your energy management and minimize your costs, empowering your operations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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The Right Energy Plans for Your Properties

Coordinating energy procurement across multi-use properties demands a strategic approach. Integrity Energy will compare energy rates for you and find the best commercial energy plan for your building’s complicated needs.

Dedicated Guidance

Each property management company partnered with Integrity Energy works with a dedicated business energy broker. This professional monitors energy markets, oversee negotiations, and finds a cost-effective energy plan for each of your properties.

Broad Provider Networks

Integrity Energy works with a vast network of business energy suppliers across the country to give you more options and a better negotiating position. By negotiating with providers on your behalf, we’ll help you build a system of favorable energy plans.

Monitoring Energy Markets

Our energy brokers keep the pulse of energy markets, helping you take advantage of fluctuations to negotiate a favorable rate.

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Expertise in Sub-Metering Systems and Transparent Billing

Accurate billing and sub-metering are critical elements in ensuring transparency in energy usage. Property managers often face unique challenges in this realm. Integrity Energy steps in with tailored solutions designed to address these concerns:

Transparent Billing Solutions

We provide clear and transparent billing solutions, offering a detailed breakdown of actual energy consumption, so property managers can better understand energy demands.

Efficient Dispute Resolution

In the event of billing disputes, our experts work collaboratively with both property managers and tenants to address and resolve any discrepancies swiftly and fairly.

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Risk Assessment and Fixed-Rate Plan Guidance

We help our clients find plans that insulate them from sudden energy market fluctuations. These plans can keep your energy costs stable and predictable.

Thorough Risk Assessments
We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to help you understand the potential impact energy rates shifts on your overall expenses. We’ll help you understand if you can afford the risk of a variable plan or if you need the stability of a fixed plan.

Exploring Alternative Solutions
We provide expert guidance to help you explore options to stabilize and reduce your energy costs. Whether it’s a fixed rate plan, a variable rate plan, or something in between, we’ll find you the right plan for each of your properties.

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Compliance and Reporting

Integrity Energy keeps track of regulatory changes in every city, state, and county so you don’t have to. We simplify the convoluted process of energy compliance and help you stay within the rules.

Compliance in Every Locality

We stay at the forefront of all local and federal energy efficiency requirements, helping you ensure your properties are in compliance with all relevant standards.

Streamlined Documentation

Our reporting tools offer transparent insights into energy consumption, simplifying the compliance documentation process and affording you a hassle-free experience.

Your Partner in Streamlined Energy Management

At Integrity Energy, we understand the intricate energy needs of property managers. Our dedicated account managers simplify the complex process of energy procurement, securing cost-effective energy plans for all your properties. Explore how our expertise can benefit your property management operations.

Services We Offer:

Compare Business Electricity Rates

If you’re looking for the best business electricity prices, look no further. Integrity Energy has handled over five billion kWh over the last two decades, so you can trust we have the knowledge needed to provide a seamless energy shopping experience for commercial clients. With all of this practice and expertise, we’re able to pass that buying power directly to you.

Compare Commercial Natural Gas Prices

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