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Our Partnership Program is Perfect For:

LED Lighting Companies

HVAC Companies

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Utility Auditors

Solutions for Sales Teams

Partnering with an energy broker opens doors to a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing both parties to tap into new revenue streams. Collaborating not only enhances the value proposition for our respective customers by providing comprehensive solutions but also expands market reach and enhances customer satisfaction. Through our strategic partnership, we offer robust marketing support and detailed reporting, empowering partners with insights to optimize their sales efforts and drive mutual growth.

Integrity Energy Referral Process

What We Offer to Sales Organizations

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Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing lets you earn a portion of the profits whenever one of your referrals signs an energy contract through us.

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Referral Commissions

Referral Commissions let you earn a set amount for each customer you refer to us.

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Reporting & Marketing

We’ll launch tailored marketing across multiple channels to boost your leads. We’re also dedicated to transparently reporting the ROI from our collaboration.

Why Join Our Partner Network?

Joining our partner network presents advantages for both parties involved. By becoming part of Integrity Energy’s partner network, you’ll gain access to a dynamic partnership that drives incremental lead volume and sales for both parties. We’ll also help open door between you and other partners in our network. Together, we can explore new revenue streams and broaden our market reach, amplifying our collective impact.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, you’ll gain access to extensive marketing support and detailed reporting, equipping you with valuable insights to optimize your sales strategies and foster mutual growth. Join us in this mutually beneficial relationship and let’s embark on a journey of success together.

Partner With Us

    Why Partner with Integrity Energy

    Revenue Share Opportunity

    Add Value for Your Customers

    Maximize ROI

    Earn Residuals or something else?

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