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Compare commercial Pennsylvania energy rates across different suppliers. Integrity Energy experts are ready and waiting to walk you through your various options, and help you sort out what plan is best for your business.

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To get the best possible energy rate for your business, there is no better choice than Integrity Energy. Our connections with local natural gas suppliers in Pennsylvania mean we can find you the lowest possible, fixed-rate energy plan available without you lifting a finger. Our team of energy experts are standing by ready to help you go to the next level of energy plan savings.

Need to compare rates from natural gas prices in Pennsylvania? Let’s get you started.

Monday through Friday, our team is ready to assist you in finding affordable plans fast from the best Pennsylvania gas and electric suppliers. Pick up the phone and let us prove it to you. Our experts can walk you through the process so you know what your options are before you sign anything.

Get renewable energy in Pennsylvania today

Thinking of going green and connecting with a renewable energy supplier? No need to spend hours shopping around, we make eco-friendly options easy! Just like with our connections to natural gas and electric providers, Integrity Energy can set you up with the best local renewable energy suppliers.

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Here’s how Integrity Energy helps save on PA electric and natural gas rates

You’re not just getting set up with the best fixed-rate plan available, you’re also gaining the confidence with your decision that you won’t have to look back and wonder how much you could have been saving. Integrity Energy has assisted thousands of businesses just like yours in finding the perfect energy plan for them.

Here’s what we can bring to your business:

Unbelievably friendly service that finds the affordable energy plan you need fast

While the other guys in your industry are busy looking high and low for a better energy plan, you can focus on building your business knowing Integrity Energy can find you a better Pennsylvania gas supplier rate in a fraction of the time that’s best for your energy needs.

We can negotiate plan pricing that’s up to 50 percent lower than the average commercial electric rate in most states. Then we take those savings and pass them onto you. Now you’ve saved time and money, while the other guys are still searching.

Integrity Energy has more than a decade of relationships built with energy providers in Pennsylvania, so you don’t have to worry if you’re missing out on savings. You can plan with confidence that you have the best available fixed-rate plan on the market. Whether you’re serving “yinz” customers at a restaurant near the Point in Pittsburgh, mastering the iconic cheesesteak in Philadelphia, or running a cozy coffee shop along the Susquehanna in Harrisburg, we can find the energy plan perfect for your every need.

Committed, reliable service from a team that cares

We know running a business means meeting your customers' every need quickly and efficiently. We feel the same way about serving you. Our team of account managers go the extra mile so you can navigate the energy market in Pennsylvania with ease.

Got a question about an energy plan or source? Just want to check with us if the service you have now is your best option? We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have. At Integrity Energy, our first priority is seeing your business succeed.

Follow-up support and consultation

And succeeding in business means eliminating distractions, which is where we come in. Don’t waste time covering the desk with sticky notes to remember dates, we remember them for you. When it comes time to renew your plan or look around for a new one, our team of energy experts will reach out to you ahead of time so you have all the time and information needed to decide what’s best for your business. In a way, we’re like your personal energy assistant!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Shopping in PA

What is a good PA electric rate per kwh?

As of July 2021, the average commercial electricity rate in Pennsylvania is 6.59 ¢/kWh. Pennsylvania’s average residential electricity rate is 13.93 ¢/kWh.

To find an electric plan with the best price per kWh available for your Pennsylvania shop or service, contact us today and get a free quote. Compare electric rates in Pennsylvania in confidence knowing you have a full team of energy experts just a phone call away ready to answer your questions and advise you!

When is the best time to shop for Pennsylvania electricity and natural gas rates?

The best time to look for a new Pennsylvania energy plan is typically during winter or early spring. Energy usage is often lowest during those times, and prices drop accordingly. However, recently commercial Pennsylvania electric rates per kwhhave been ticking upward. Electricity prices have increased 1.07% over the last year. Natural gas costs in Pennsylvania have also increased over the last five years from a combination of factors.

Don’t wait for prices to get higher - find a fixed-rate electricity plan today to keep a better rate for your business. In the long run, planning ahead can mean huge savings.

Where does Pennsylvania natural gas come from?

Pennsylvania gas primarily comes from in-state. Pennsylvania is the nation’s second largest gas provider, just behind Texas, and so gas primarily comes from in-state. Most of Pennsylvania’s gas production can be found in the state’s southwestern and northeastern corners.