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Find the best energy rates in Illinois

From small, family-owned shops in rural Illinois to high-demand, downtown companies, Integrity Energy specializes in getting each customer a tailored energy plan as unique as their business. Stay competitive with a clear Illinois electricity rates comparison so you can lock down the lowest price per kWh.

With 1.2 million small businesses in Illinois (98.2% of all businesses in the state), it's good business to keep you in business. And the cost of electricity in Illinois plays a critical role because they account for a huge portion of a company’s total overhead costs.

For over a decade, we have cultivated relationships with more than 30 of the major Illinois power companies. When you’re with us, our extensive network becomes your network. Our 40,000 large and small business clients value the security of ultimate buying power and access to the best energy rates electric companies in Illinois have to offer. So start saving on energy now!

Our Services include:

  • Illinois electric rates comparison.
  • Comparison of commercial natural gas prices.
  • Finding commercial renewable energy plans.

4 simple steps to save more on commercial power rates

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  2. Choose the best plan.
  3. Save more on your business’ energy costs.
  4. Get Ongoing Support and Renewal Service

Let Integrity Energy negotiate your business’ current energy rates in Ohio and save your business up to 50% on energy bills.

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Pro Tip: Have your current electric bill handy to compare energy rates in Illinois, as well as available suppliers.

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Looking to compare natural gas rates in Illinois? We've got you covered

Integrity Energy uses its expertise and contacts with major providers to find you the best possible natural gas rates Illinois has to offer. Period. When choosing a natural gas plan, Integrity Energy’s team of energy specialists will be right there with you so you get a plan that is just right for your business’s unique energy requirements.

Shop renewable energy in Illinois today

We can help connect you to the best renewable energy suppliers in Illinois. Pay a smaller price per kilowatt and feel confident being powered on a cleaner, more affordable energy plan. Integrity Energy can match you with competitive renewable energy plans so you can power your business, help the environment, and support eco-friendly energy initiatives at the same time. Get in touch so we can discuss your business’ eco-goals.

Alternative energy answers in Illinois

  • Green Energy Plans: Energy providers offer green energy sourced from renewable, environmentally friendly technology. This includes power made using wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and nuclear energy. Illinois leads America in nuclear energy production. A tremendous 10% of all power generated in the Land of Lincoln is from renewable sources. And as the use of fossil fuels becomes more dangerous and less sustainable, investing in green energy plans for your business is a smart move.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC): If your business is committed to renewable energy obligations, you may purchase 1 REC, which equals 1 MWh of renewable energy generation. Within this closely monitored system of secure, inexpensive RECs, you can make your energy compliance targets and tout your devotion to the environment.
  • Illinois' Renewable Energy Commitment: Through the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill in 2015, the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition designed aggressive energy targets for the prairie state. With the goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050, now is the time to commit to clean energy.
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Pro Tip: Integrity Energy can match you with competitive renewable energy plans so you can power your business, help the environment, and support eco-friendly electric initiatives at the same time.

We stand out from other brokers by providing:

Competitive, affordable electricity and natural gas rates with exceptional service

How would you like to find the best available rates in your area? In most states, Integrity Energy can negotiate pricing that’s up to 50 percent lower than the average commercial electricity rate. Then we pass those savings onto you and your business.

We’ve spent over a decade building relationships with some of the top energy providers in the Land of Lincoln. Whether you’re just getting started looking for electricity rates in Chicago, you’re a well-established brand looking for new options in Springfield, or you want a better natural gas price in the Metro East, we’ll find you an energy plan from an Illinois power company that works for you.

Fast, personalized & dependable

As a business owner, you know your time is extremely valuable - and so do we. That’s why Integrity Energy’s fully-staffed team of account managers helps business owners quickly and easily make sense of the energy shopping process. Our team is available Monday through Friday every week to get you an answer ASAP so you can find the best energy rate in Illinois and get back to focusing on your business goals.

Ongoing consultative support and follow-up

It can be difficult keeping track of dates, rates, and other important details when it comes time to shop around for renewing your energy plan or switching to a new one. So, let us handle it! Integrity Energy customers don’t need to worry about staying ahead of their renewal dates, because our highly trained renewal team will proactively reach out ahead of time to find you the best options available. All you have to do is choose the best electric or natural gas rate for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Shopping in Illinois

What is a good electric rate in Illinois?

As of June 2021, the average commercial electricity rate in Illinois is 9.43 ¢/kWh. Illinois’ average residential electricity rate is 12.32 ¢/kWh.To find an electric plan with the best price per kWh available for your Illinois business, our team is ready to get you a free quote today.

To find an electric plan with the best price per kWh available for your Illinois business, our team is ready to get you a free quote today.

When is the best time to shop for electricity in Illinois?

The best time to shop Illinois power plans is typically in the winter or early spring when usage is lower. However, recently commercial Illinois electric rates per kwh have been trending upward - in fact, electricity prices have increased 3.6% over the last year.

Don’t wait for prices to get higher - find a fixed-rate electricity plan today to keep a better rate for your business. In the long run, planning ahead can mean huge savings.

Where does Illinois natural gas come from?

Illinois natural gas is primarily brought in via gas pipelines from Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana rather than obtained within the state via processes like fracking. Illinois has no significant natural gas reserves and few producing natural gas wells according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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With over 50 years of combined executive experience, our team of energy professionals constantly monitor the current landscape for shifts that affect your business. Keeping your business bright, comfortable, and functioning smoothly should be easy.

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