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About Energy Harbor

Based in Akron, Ohio, Energy Harbor is a retail energy provider servicing business and residential customers in deregulated energy areas of Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dedicated to the business consumer, Energy Harbor provides electricity, renewable energy plans and commercial electricity plans for large and small businesses.

Why choose Energy Harbor?

Energy Harbor understands individual businesses need unique, customized energy plans that fit their energy goals while minimizing financial risk and ensuring they have dependable energy when they need it. They will work with you to customize a plan from their production options for electricity or green energy and they are a leader in offering clean, carbon-free energy.

Here some of our favorite reasons to make Energy Harbor your go-to energy provider:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Eco-friendly, 100% carbon-free energy plans.
  • Customers report lower energy bills.
  • A variety of fixed-rate plans.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • 24/7 fast, dependable and secure service.
  • A range of contract lengths and types of plans.
  • Online and mobile accounts management with 24/7 Online Bill Pay.
  • Paperless billing.
  • Energy usage tools and tips.
  • Individual small business and commercial plans designed to meet your business’ unique energy goals.

We understand researching the ever-changing energy market for the best commercial energy rates can be time consuming and overwhelming. But the energy experts at Integrity Energy are here to help! Let us distill the information that most impacts business stakeholders such as yourself so that you can quickly and confidently make the best decision for your enterprise!

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Pro Tip: Integrity Energy can produce a business electricity rates comparison for you and save your business up to 50% on energy bills!

Everything you need to know about Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor offers comprehensive energy strategies at competitive pricing for clean, carbon-free energy. Together, we can reduce your business energy bills, provide you with energy security and even enhance your eco-friendly initiatives.

Energy Harbor commercial electricity plans

Energy rates are variable and subject to market availability and consumer demand. They change almost every minute. Energy Harbor plans are designed to reduce this fluctuation. With deregulation, energy suppliers must compete for consumers, driving down Energy Harbor electricity rates while promoting more customer-centric service plans.

With a suite of custom energy options, service and sustainability solutions, Energy Harbor is your business’ energy partner. The most popular Energy Harbor rates options include fixed price, energy only, variable and block and index plans.

  • Fixed-Rate Plans: Fixed electric rates are locked in through a contract while keeping your individual rate consistent regardless of the current local electric rate. Though the wholesale cost of electricity varies, these plans help keep your budget predictable and affordable, giving you the energy stability you need.
  • Variable-Rate Plans: These rates are determined by the current state of the energy market. You get a cheaper rate when energy is abundant but pay higher rates in times of high demand or low production. These plans offer the flexibility of no contract but are high in risk as the energy prices can change monthly.
  • Block and Index Plans: These hybrid plans offer unique combinations of fixed-rate and variable-rate plans. For large commercial energy users, these plans provide flexibility and versatility. They allow you to follow the energy market and take advantage of downturns in prices.
  • Energy Only Plans: Provides a stable, set rate, for the generation portion of your electricity charges.
  • Energy Harbor Renewable Energy Plans: Saving on “green” while you go green with your business is a breeze! With 100% renewable energy plans, you can support eco-friendly electricity initiatives and local jobs in just a few clicks. Local, clean energy production is made cheaper every day through increasing consumer demand, innovative technology, and greater production of renewable energy.

Decreasing your business’s carbon footprint for a cleaner tomorrow is easy! Energy Harbor is working to neutralize carbon release, lessen pollution by offering businesses 100% renewable power plans. Check your Energy Fact Label (EFL) to determine how much of your energy is currently sourced through renewables and compare that to the EFL of your preferred plan.

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Pro Tip: Most often, businesses prefer fixed-rate plans. However, we can help you determine the best plan for your business. For instance, we know how to avoid nasty cancellation fees, rate hikes, minimum usage fees, and peak energy use times—basically being overcharged for the cost of doing business. Our energy experts consider all of these factors and more as we compare Energy Harbor electricity rates for your business. Contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants today!

Energy Harbor service areas:

Energy Harbor provides electricity to commercial consumers of all sizes across deregulated areas of Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Get a quote to determine availability of Energy Harbor electric rates in my area.

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With Energy Harbor, you can rest assured you have the best available fixed-rate plan on the market. The energy experts at Integrity Energy evaluate top providers based on services most important to you. We consider a company’s customer service record, affordability, reliability, ease of use and their record as a business. We believe you’ll love Energy Harbor’s commitment to your business.

Contact Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor Headquarters:

168 E Market Street

Akron, OH 44308

To pay by phone, call: 1-888-254-4769

Email Energy Harbor at:

Access your account online for online bill pay, update your profile or find information on paying by mail or over the phone and more.

Frequently asked questions about Energy Harbor

Will Energy Harbor require a deposit?

Most energy suppliers, including Energy Harbor, require a deposit in order to begin your electric service. With Energy Harbor, a credit check will determine your deposit amount and if any is needed.

Will Energy Harbor charge me a cancellation fee?

There are no fees if you move within your contract period, or if you are part of a governmental aggregation program. Review the details of your plan for any other contract cancellation fee that may apply.

What is the best Energy Harbor plan?

The fact is that your best energy plan may look different than that of other businesses. Energy plans are simply not one-size-fits all. It's true that most businesses prefer fixed-rate plans, but other aspects such as energy source, contract length or using an index plan may be recommended or even required to meet certain industry eco-standards.

What services does Energy Harbor offer?

  • Business Services: Energy Harbor provides small and large businesses with energy management and consultation services to reduce energy demand and lower your bottom line and carbon footprint.
  • Moving or Transferring: Take comfort knowing your energy plans move with you by notifying Energy Harbor to schedule a transfer. If you are moving outside Energy Harbor’s service area, simply show proof of your new residence and there will be no early termination fee.
  • Community Involvement: Energy Harbor invests in the communities they serve. Learn more about the ways in which they invest in their communities.

How do I sign up for Energy Harbor service?

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Which Rate is Right for You?

Individual businesses need unique energy plans designed to meet their energy goals. At Integrity Energy, we prioritize your business needs and match you with a plan that provides consistent energy savings. We believe that keeping the lights on for your business should be as easy as flipping a switch!

Let Integrity Energy eliminate the complications and dig through the details for you. If you're not sure where to start, contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants today!

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