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About Sprague Energy 

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Sprague provides businesses across the nation with commercial energy solutions that support their energy goals since 1870. Sprague is the leading producer of natural gas energy solutions in the Northeast.  They proudly service more than 20,000 commercial, industrial, utility, and wholesale customers. Their longevity in the market provides expert customer service and guidance. 

Why Choose Sprague Energy?

Sprague Energy serves a wide range of commercial industries, providing the products, tools, and market expertise to help businesses thrive. Their natural gas plans help business owners control costs while managing complex energy needs. From commercial heating and property management to meeting fleet fuel needs, Sprague has a variety of cost-effective plans for unique industry applications.  

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Most businesses prefer fixed-rate plans, however our energy experts can help you determine the best plan for your business. Our team makes switching suppliers easy by expertly avoiding cancellation fees, rate hikes, minimum usage fees, and peak demand charges. Contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants to get started today!

Consider these reasons to make Sprague Energy your go-to energy provider:

  • 4.5 Stars on Google Reviews 
  • A variety of natural gas and fuel plans 
  • Advisory Services to get the most out of your plan 

We understand sorting through the complex energy market for low commercial energy rates can be daunting. Let Integrity Energy’s expert energy brokers do the legwork, providing you with a variety of Sprague energy plans to suit your business’ unique needs and goals. 

Everything You Need to Know About Sprague Energy

Sprague offers comprehensive natural gas plans with competitive pricing. Their goal is to provide commercial customers with cost-effective solutions to improve your bottom line. Together, we can reduce your business energy bills, provide energy security for your operations.  

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Request a free quote today and see how Integrity Energy can save your business up to 50% on energy bills!

Sprague Energy Commercial Energy Plans

Energy rates change almost every minute, fluctuating due to market availability and consumer demand. Sprague Energy’s fixed-rate  plans are designed to provide stability and a more predictable bill. In deregulated energy markets, suppliers must compete for customers, resulting in lower energy costs and customer-centric service plans. 

Sprague Energy Plans:

Fixed Rate

Fixed energy and electric rates are locked in through a contract, ranging from 12-36 months. While the wholesale cost of energy varies, these plans help keep your budget predictable and affordable, giving you the security you need. 

Customized Pricing

Businesses with complex energy needs will benefit from Sprague’s customized solutions. With Sprague’s customized pricing option, your energy plan will be determined based on a variety of usage factors. Achieve cost-stability based on your unique needs. 

What services does Sprague Energy offer? 

AEP empowers business owners to make informed energy decisions with their comprehensive business energy support programs.

Energy Plans: Choose from a variety of business energy plans for companies of all sizes to meet their energy needs. 

Consulting Services: Consulting and management services are available to assist customers with their energy goals. 

Convenient Pay: Their convenient My Sprague online portal enables automated payment plans. You can also pay manually online, over the phone, or by mail. 

Expert Customer Service: Benefit from a dedicated customer care team. Their average hold time is a mere 15 seconds! 

Moving or Transferring: Take comfort with service transfer support. If you happen to relocate outside of their service area, you can switch providers without early termination fees. 

Start Saving on Energy Today

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprague Energy

Will Sprague Energy require a deposit?

Like many energy suppliers, Sprague may require a deposit to begin services. This deposit may be waived if your credit score meets particular requirements or if you can provide information validating how reliable a consumer you will be. 

What is the best Sprague Energy plan? 

Your ideal natural gas plan may look different than that of other businesses. Energy plans are simply not one-size-fits all. It’s true that most businesses prefer fix-rate plans, but other aspects such as energy source and contract terms make each plan unique. 

Let Integrity Energy Find the Best Plan for Your Business

At Integrity Energy, we prioritize your unique business needs to match you with a plan that provides consistent energy savings. We believe that keeping your lights on should be as easy as flipping a switch! Let Integrity Energy streamline your commercial energy plan process. If you’re not sure where to start, request a free quote from our experienced Energy Consultants today!