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About Santanna Energy Services

Based in Austin, Texas, Santanna Energy Services is a retail energy provider servicing business and residential customers in the deregulated energy markets of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Dedicated to the small business and commercial consumer, Santanna Energy Services has 35 years of experience providing cost-effective electricity, renewable energy, and natural gas plans to commercial customers of every size and industry.

Why Choose Santanna Energy?

Santanna Energy Services’ mission is to “create life-long relationships by providing quality service to customers, communities, and employees.” With more than 3 decades in operation, they understand that individual businesses need unique, customized energy plans that fit their energy goals, minimize financial risk, and ensure they have dependable energy when they need it. Santanna Energy works with you to customize a plan from their production options for electricity, natural gas, or green energy. They are an industry leader in offering earth-friendly energy solutions.

I had a seamless time switching from a different company to Santanna energy. I was with them before and was happy to be back. My bills have always been less with Santanna and I love the perks you get for being a member. Thanks for all you do!

Jen M. via Google
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Most businesses prefer fixed-rate plans, however our energy experts can help you determine the best plan for your business. Our team makes switching suppliers easy by expertly avoiding cancellation fees, rate hikes, minimum usage fees, and peak demand charges. Contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants to get started today!

Here are Some Great Reasons to Make Santanna Energy Services Your Go-to Energy Provider:

  • Eco-friendly, 100% carbon-free energy plans.
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • A variety of fixed-rate plans and contract lengths.
  • Competitive business energy rates.
  • 24/7 fast, dependable and secure service.
  • Online and mobile accounts management with 24/7 Online Bill Pay.
  • Energy consumption tools and tips.
  • Customized  commercial energy plans that  meet your business’ unique energy goals.

We understand sorting through the ever-changing deregulated market for low  commercial energy rates can be daunting. Let Integrity Energy’s expert energy brokers do the legwork, providing you with a range of Santanna Energy plans to suit your business’ unique needs and  goals.

Everything You Need to Know About Santanna Energy

Whether you’re a small business, bustling enterprise, or just starting out, Santanna Energy Services wants to be your energy supplier of choice. Their variety of energy services ensures your business receives reliable power at competitive pricing. With easy-to-use account management tools, straightforward plans, and economical pricing, Santanna Energy Services is ready to power your business with a range of traditional and earth-friendly energy services.

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Request a free quote today and see how Integrity Energy can save your business up to 50% on energy bills!

Energy Plans from Santanna Energy Services

Energy rates change almost every minute, fluctuating due to market availability and consumer demand. Santanna Energy Services’ fixed-rate  plans are designed to provide stability and a more predictable energy bill. In deregulated energy markets, suppliers must compete for customers, resulting in lower energy costs and more customer-centric service plan options.

Santanna Energy Plans:

Fixed Rate

Fixed electric rates are locked in through 12- to 24-month contracts, which keep your rate consistent regardless of the current local electric rate. Though the wholesale cost of electricity varies, these plans help keep your budget predictable and affordable, giving you the energy stability you need.

Renewable Energy Plans

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint? With 100% renewable energy plans, you can create or meet company-wide electricity initiatives and support local jobs in just a few clicks. Local clean energy production is made cheaper every day through increasing consumer demand, innovative technology, and greater production of renewable energy.

Gold Prime Plus

With Santanna’s Gold Prime PLUS plan, your rate will never go above the ceiling price that you chose for your initial contract term. If wholesale prices decrease, the rate you pay could decrease automatically on your next bill cycle. With Gold Prime PLUS, you’ll also receive customer rewards for each on-time bill payment.

Earth-Friendly Gas Plans

Earth-Friendly Gas is Santanna Energy’s natural gas option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cheap, reliable natural gas while supporting a healthier planet. This is done through carbon offsetting: making up for emissions by reducing emissions elsewhere. Heat your home while reducing your carbon footprint!

What services does Santanna Energy offer?

Business Services: Santanna Energy Services provides your small businesses with energy management and consultation services to reduce your energy demand, enhance your business’ sustainability, and lower your bottom line.

Earth-Friendly Electricity and Gas: Santanna Energy offers a suite of earth-friendly energy plans that offset greenhouse gas emissions with renewable energy credits (RECs) or carbon offsetting.

Customer Rewards Programs: Enroll in Santanna Energy’s Gold Prime PLUS plan and receive customer rewards simply for paying your bill on time. Save at popular retailers and restaurants or enter giveaways – just for being a Santanna customer!

Moving or Transferring: If you move, your Santanna energy plan can move with you. Just notify Santanna Energy Services to schedule a transfer. If you move outside Santanna’s service area, simply show proof of your new address and they’ll waive the early termination fee. 

Charitable Giving: By opting into their Unlimited Energy Plan, you contribute to Santanna’s support of national hunger-relief charities. You can take pride in your energy plan knowing it’s supporting a healthier and more connected community.

Start Saving on Energy Today

Frequently Asked Questions About Santanna Energy Services

Will Santanna Energy Services require a deposit?

Like most energy companies, Santanna Energy Services may require a deposit in order to begin your electric service. However, if your credit score meets specific requirements, you may be exempt from paying the deposit.

Will Santanna Energy Services charge me a cancellation fee?

Santanna Energy Services wants to be your preferred energy supplier. If you’re not satisfied with your energy plan, you can cancel within the first 90 days to avoid an early termination fee. Beyond their 90-day guarantee, canceling your plan may result in an early termination fee.

What is the best Santanna Energy Services plan?

Energy plans are simply not one-size-fits all. It’s true that most businesses prefer fixed-rate plans, but other factors such as industry, energy source, contract length, or need for an index plan all determine the best plan for your business.

Let Integrity Energy Find the Best Plan for Your Business

At Integrity Energy, we prioritize your unique business needs to match you with a plan that provides consistent energy savings. We believe that keeping your lights on should be as easy as flipping a switch! Let Integrity Energy streamline your commercial energy plan process. If you’re not sure where to start, request a free quote from our experienced Energy Consultants today!