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Cost-Effective Akron Electric Rates

Let Integrity Energy provide you with Akron commercial electricity rates and plans you can compare to get the best deal for your business. Avoid paying more due to Ohio’s deregulated energy market, and find a Retail Energy Provider (REP) that offers the price and contract terms you want. Let us do the legwork so you can make an informed decision. 

How Much Is Electricity In Akron?


4 Steps to Save on Business Power Rates

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A number two logo. Choose the Best Plan to Meet Your Needs

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Akron Energy Plan Options

As a dedicated commercial energy broker, Integrity Energy works with respected providers to offer rates and plans that meet the needs of any business. Whether you’re looking to lower your electric or natural gas rates, Akron suppliers have different plan types that offer unique benefits to your company. 

Fixed Rate

Eliminate the guesswork of your energy rates each month by choosing a fixed rate plan for 1 or more years. These plans lock in a low rate for the duration of the contract, protecting you from rate fluctuations that could cost you more. 

Renewable Energy Plans

Reduce your company’s environmental impact through a plan that guarantees the energy you use is 100% renewable. Take advantage of power production from wind and solar farms. Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and let customers know you’re committed to lowering your carbon footprint. 

How to Switch Energy Providers

Rely on Integrity Energy to Locate the Best Electric Rates

Avoid the hassle of gathering rate and plan information from various provider options by requesting a quote from Integrity Energy. We’ll find all the plans that cover your energy needs at cost-effective prices through our trusted supplier network. 

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Choose the Best Plan for Your Business

Compare the terms, rates, and plans offered and choose the one that best fits your budget and contract expectations. Factor in your future needs to maximize the benefit to your business. 

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Start Saving on Your Business’s Energy Costs

Start enjoying your savings the moment your contract takes when you lock in the best price for your company with Integrity Energy. In some cases, you could save as much as 50% on your energy costs for multiple years. 

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Get Ongoing Support and Renewal Services

Take advantage of ongoing support from Integrity Energy throughout the life of your contract. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We’ll remind you when it’s time to renew and walk you through our seamless process. 

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Benefits of Working with Integrity Energy

Discover Better Energy Rates

Discover the best possible energy rates tailored to your location and business needs

Customized Commercial Energy Solutions

Receive personalized quotes that offer plans appropriate for any size business at any usage level.

Extensive Provider Network

Get the benefit of our 30+ trusted power suppliers to secure the most competitive rates available.

Trusted by Brands Across the U.S.

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Jeri R.

We have had a contract for our gas and electric through Integrity energy for a year, and at that time they told us that if rates went down we would be notified. And today they stood by their word. I received an email that rates were at an all time low and got a phone call from Shaniya at Integrity. It was a seamless process and she was pleasant to work with. She was able to explain to me what is going on in both markets and once again if the rates dip lower we will be notified. We are all set for the coming year!

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Secure the Best Energy Rates in Akron

Take control of your company’s expenses by getting the best deal on the energy you need. Our quotes make it simple to compare available plans from providers known for their stability and reputation. We work to offer you the lowest prices under the best contract terms, so it’s easier for you to get the savings you want. 

Our energy professionals have more than 50 years of combined experience, and we use it to navigate the energy supplier landscape to make your contract shopping easier. Let our experience work for you so you can focus on continuing to build your brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping for Commercial Gas & Electricity in Akron, OH

As of March 2024, the average rate of commercial electricity in Akron is 11.33 cents per kilowatt-hour, which is 13% lower than the national average. The average residential energy rate is 16.28 cents per kilowatt-hour.  

Generally, the best rates are offered in early spring and fall when the weather is mild and the demand for electricity is lower. Those seeking a fixed rate plan can maximize these savings throughout the year by locking in these lower rates before demand increases again. 

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