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Shop Competitive Ohio Electric Rates

Ohio’s deregulated energy market makes choosing the right Retail Energy Provider (REP) crucial. Let Integrity Energy compare electric rates in Ohio while you focus on what matters most for your business. We simplify the process, offering tailored quotes to meet your needs in a clear format. You benefit from reliable, cost-effective energy solutions to keep your business running smoothly. 

State of Ohio

How Much Is Electricity In Ohio?


4 Steps to Save on Business Power Rates

Request a quote for business gas or electric rates.

A number two logo. Choose a plan that matches your needs and budget.

A number three logo. Save money on your commercial energy costs.

A 4 Logo. Receive ongoing support and renewal services.

Electric Plans Available in Ohio

As a commercial energy broker, Integrity Energy specializes in finding the best Ohio energy rates for businesses of all sizes. Numerous commercial energy suppliers offer various plan options, but we work solely with reputable providers. Request a quote to receive a direct comparison of Ohio electricity rates, providers, and plans from our energy experts. 

Benefit From Fixed Rates Plans

Power plans with fixed rates lock in the rate throughout the life of the contract, typically ranging from 6 months to 5 years or even longer. Fixed-rate plans make it easier to budget for electricity expenses because the rate doesn’t fluctuate when energy costs unexpectedly change. 

Go Green With Renewable Energy Plans

Ohio averages about 170 sunny days annually and ranked No. 28 for total megawatts of wind energy produced in 2023. With increasing generation, renewable energy is a viable and sustainable energy solution for commercial buildings. Integrity Energy can help your business switch to a green energy supplier without breaking the bank. 

Compare Commercial Energy Suppliers

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio oversees the state’s energy sector, certifies retail electric suppliers, and monitors the market. However, understanding volatile energy pricing can still be challenging. Integrity Energy helps you navigate the complex energy market, deciphering business energy prices, term lengths, and popular energy providers in Ohio

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Cities With the Most Competitive Electric Rates in Ohio

Whether your business is in Columbus or Cleveland, Integrity Energy can help you find the lowest Ohio energy rates. The average commercial electricity rate in Ohio was 11.20¢/kWh in February 2024, and commercial natural gas rates were $6.59 per mcf. Let our team find a great price on an electric or natural gas plan for your Ohio business. 

How to Switch Energy Providers

Let Integrity Energy explore electricity rates in Ohio

Shopping rates is vital to your bottom line but can be confusing. Let Integrity Energy sift through the complex commercial electricity marketplace to find the rates that best match your budget. 

A number two logo.

Choose the best energy plan for your business

You’ve worked hard to build a strong business and deserve to get the best commercial electricity rates. We find the best contract to ensure you don’t overpay for the utilities needed to operate at peak performance. 

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Save on your business’ electricity costs

Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses of any company. We find long-term energy solutions to help your business save on electricity costs immediately and negotiate rates to save up to 50% on your energy bills. 

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Enjoy ongoing support and renewal services

We proactively monitor your account to address any issues that might arise. Before your contract ends, our renewal team presents new energy plans to help avoid unexpected price hikes. 

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Benefits of Working with Integrity Energy

Unlock Optimal Gas and Electric Rates in Ohio

Integrity compares rates from multiple energy providers, so your company gets the best possible energy rates.

Get Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We consider your business’ energy usage and business needs to provide a customized plan that fits.

Access an Extensive Provider Network

Integrity gives you access to over 30 trusted energy providers, ensuring the most competitive rates.

Trusted by Brands Across the U.S.

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Setting up our businesses with electric contracts has never been easier. My rep, Nichole, stays on top of the expirations of our accounts to avoid disruptions and, as I recently found out, outrageously high electric costs when you fall out of contact. Thank you for all your help.

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Find the Best Commercial Electricity Rates in Ohio

Although 33 other states are larger than Ohio, it’s the 7th largest electricity-generating state and the 4th biggest energy consumer in the nation. Consumption may be high, but your company’s utility bills don’t have to be. Electricity and natural gas expenses are among the largest of your business’ overhead costs. Integrity Energy finds the best commercial electricity rates in Ohio to help you keep energy expenses as low as possible.

Keeping your commercial energy costs down has an impact on your bottom line, lowering the costs for your daily operations. Integrity Energy’s commitment to securing the best rates means you can invest your savings in other areas of your business. Request a quote to start saving today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Shopping in Ohio

In March 2024, Ohio’s commercial natural gas rate was $6.7 per mcf, with residential natural gas rates at $10.8 per mcf. When you partner with Integrity Energy, we’ll help you compare business natural gas rates, ensuring you get the lowest price.  

The best time to shop for electricity in Ohio is early spring or fall when energy demand is at its lowest. Shopping then lets you lock in a low fixed-rate plan that can offer huge savings over the long term. 

Ohio’s location in the Utica shale area makes it one of the top 10 natural gas-producing states nationwide, with its shale gas production comprising 96% of the state’s natural gas withdrawals. Ohio accounts for about 5% of the nation’s natural gas production and 5% of its natural gas reserves. 

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