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Shop Low Detroit Energy Rates

Compare commercial electricity rates and gas plans with help from Integrity Energy. Michigan’s deregulated energy market provides ample opportunities to save money with competitive Detroit energy providers. We make the process easy by delivering clear custom quotes from top-notch suppliers. In doing this, we give you tailored Detroit energy options that improve your bottom line.  

How Much Is Electricity In Detroit?


4 Steps to Save on Business Power Rates

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Available Detroit Electric And Gas Plans 

Businesses from Grosse Pointe and Birmingham to Corktown and Huntington Woods rely on Integrity Energy to find them the best commercial energy rates in Detroit. The Motor City features a wide array of gas and electric providers in its deregulated market. You have the power to pick the plans and contract terms that work best for your business. Discover the lowest energy rate available by requesting a free quote from us today. 

Fixed Rate

When your business relies on stable energy costs, our search helps you find fixed-rate commercial electricity rates and gas plans from top-notch energy suppliers. Wholesale energy costs ebb and flow — sometimes unexpectedly. Fixed-rate plans ensure your energy rates stay consistent, with contract terms ranging between 6 months and 5 years. This helps you better budget your electricity and gas costs for more predictable spending. 

Renewable Energy Plans

Doing your part to help the environment is simple with Detroit renewable energy plans that leverage the state’s 12% net energy generation from renewable sources. Many of the plans Integrity Energy finds for you include renewable energy sources, including up to 100% renewable energy plans. You can pick the best solution to help your company go green while still saving money.  

Block and Index Plan

Block and Index is a commercial energy plan that combines fixed-rate stability with variable price flexibility. Most of the energy needed will be purchased in a bulk block at a fixed price. Once the fixed-rate block has been consumed, additional energy will be purchased at a variable rate. Block and Index is ideal for large energy consumers with a strong grasp on their power demands. 

What Plan is Right for Me?

Navigating commercial energy plan offerings can be complicated. If you’re not sure how to start comparing energy suppliers, plans, and rates, consider partnering with Integrity Energy! Our complimentary energy consultations empower you to choose the best plan for your business.

How to Switch Energy Providers

Request a Free Quote to Get Started

Submit your quote request, and our team of energy brokers will contact you directly.  After a short phone call, we’re able to analyze your account and current contract details. Afterwards, our energy experts explore available energy rates based on your business’s unique energy needs.  

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Choose the Best Plan for Your Business

After speaking with us, you’ll receive a quote detailing three energy plan options to choose from including a variety of energy providers and contract terms. Your broker provides unbiased advice, talking you through each option so you can make an informed energy choice.

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Start Saving on Your Business’s Energy Costs

After our seamless sign-up process, you’ll start saving money at the beginning of your new contract. Integrity Energy leverages our partnership with 30+ REPs to achieve the most competitive rates available. Together, we can help your business save up to 50% on their energy expenses. 

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Get Ongoing Support & Renewal Services

Your energy broker provides unbiased, expert advice throughout the duration of your contract. Our contract renewal team reaches out before the end of your contract to discuss new energy plans with you. You’ll never fall out of contract or experience unexpected price hikes with Integrity Energy as your broker! 

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Benefits of Working with Integrity Energy

Unlocking Optimal Detroit Energy Rates

Choose commercial electricity rates and gas plans well-suited to your location and unique business needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Our tailored solutions suit Detroit businesses of all sizes to ensure you get personalized energy solutions.

Extensive Provider Network

Gain access to over 30 trusted REPs to find unique energy solutions and competitive rates for your business.

Trusted by Brands Across the U.S.

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Jeri R.

We have had a contract for our gas and electric through Integrity energy for a year, and at that time they told us that if rates went down we would be notified. And today they stood by their word. I received an email that rates were at an all time low and got a phone call from Shaniya at Integrity. It was a seamless process and she was pleasant to work with. She was able to explain to me what is going on in both markets and once again if the rates dip lower we will be notified. We are all set for the coming year!

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Find The Best Detroit Commercial Utility Rates

Natural resources abound in Michigan, with natural gas and oil reserves located on the lower peninsula offering supply to Detroit. When you want Detroit renewable energy, winds from the Great Lakes provide power, as do dense forests with their biomass energy. No matter the type of Detroit electric or gas plan you prefer, Integrity Energy helps you find competitive commercial electricity rates in Michigan that fit your precise requirements. 

The professionals at Integrity Energy monitor and track the Detroit energy market for factors that may affect your business’ costs. We have over 50 years of combined executive experience, so you can feel confident in our abilities to save your company money.   

By partnering with Integrity Energy, your business can save money on its energy rates while ensuring smooth operation. Request a quote today to lock in a cost-effective energy deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Shopping in Detroit

Average commercial electricity rates in Detroit sat at 13.80¢/kWh as of March 2024. By contrast, the average residential electricity rate in the city ran 18.70¢/kWh. Your commercial energy prices may fluctuate from the average, depending on whether you choose Detroit renewable energy or fossil fuels.  

Request a free quote from Integrity Energy today to get the lowest energy rate for your Detroit business. 

When you’re looking for a new Detroit electric or gas company, look for deals in early spring and early fall. The milder weather during these periods makes them the ideal time to discover and secure the lowest energy rate with a fixed-rate plan. This stability saves you money by locking in your costs, even during peak energy demands during summer and winter. 

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