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In Connecticut’s deregulated energy market, finding low commercial electricity rates from reputable providers is crucial. At Integrity Energy, we use our vast industry knowledge to pinpoint reliable Hartford energy companies. Our team creates tailored energy solutions that align with your business’ needs and budget. By delegating these efforts to us, you’ll save time and money to invest back into your business.  

How Much Is Electricity In Hartford?


4 Steps to Save on Hartford Utility Rates

Request a Free Quote for Commercial Energy

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What Electric Plans are Available in Hartford?

From Heritage Hill to Alger Heights, Hartford’s neighborhoods receive electricity and gas services from numerous suppliers with their own unique plans and contracts. As a commercial energy broker, Integrity Energy compares business utility rates across all available options and customizes our findings to businesses of varying sizes and industries. Explore common plan offerings found at Hartford electric light companies.

Fixed Rate

Fixed-rate energy plans lock in pricing for the extent of your contract, regardless of how wholesale electricity costs change during that time. Whether your contract lasts for 6 months or 5 years, your fixed rate will remain stable, offering predictability and security for your monthly budget.  

Renewable Energy Plans

Go green while saving green with a renewable energy plan. Many Hartford electric providers, like Vistra Energy and Spark Energy, include renewable energy in their plans. Integrity Energy can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint by finding a 100% renewable energy plan at a low rate.  

Block and Index Plan

Block and Index is a commercial energy plan that combines fixed-rate stability with variable price flexibility. Most of the energy needed will be purchased in a bulk block at a fixed price. Once the fixed-rate block has been consumed, additional energy will be purchased at a variable rate. Block and Index is ideal for large energy consumers with a strong grasp on their power demands. 

What Plan is Right for Me?

Navigating commercial energy plan offerings can be complicated. If you’re not sure how to start comparing energy suppliers, plans, and rates, consider partnering with Integrity Energy! Our complimentary energy consultations empower you to choose the best plan for your business.

How to Switch to a New Electric and Gas Company in Hartford, CT

Request a Free Quote

Request a quote from Integrity Energy and you’ll receive a phone call from an experienced expert to discuss your business’ needs and current contract details. Next, our team conducts a deep dive into available electricity and gas rates to locate the best deal. 

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Compare Business Utility Rates in Hartford

After exploring various utility providers and contract terms, an energy expert sends a quote detailing three competitive plan options. We provide unbiased advice, explaining each option to enable informed decision-making. 

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Choose an Energy Plan That Saves Money

Saving money with your new plan is as simple as completing our sign-up process. By partnering with 30+ REPs, Integrity Energy can help your business save up to 50% with the most competitive rates available.

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Receive Ongoing Business Support

Throughout the duration of your contract, your broker offers unbiased support and expertise to ensure satisfaction. Additionally, we‘ll reach out before your contract ends to discuss new power plans to prevent unexpected  rate hikes.

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Benefits of Working with Integrity Energy

Unlocking Optimal Energy Rates

Discover the lowest commercial energy rates in Hartford that match your business’ needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Receive electricity solutions personalized to your business’ size and industry.

Extensive Provider Network

Gain access to over 30 trusted REPs to find unique contract terms and competitive rates.

Trusted by Brands Across the U.S.

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Jeri R.

We have had a contract for our gas and electric through Integrity energy for a year, and at that time they told us that if rates went down we would be notified. And today they stood by their word. I received an email that rates were at an all time low and got a phone call from Shaniya at Integrity. It was a seamless process and she was pleasant to work with. She was able to explain to me what is going on in both markets and once again if the rates dip lower we will be notified. We are all set for the coming year!

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Save Money on Commercial Utilities With Integrity Energy

Home to the Millstone nuclear power plant, Connecticut offers a wide variety of energy sources, including renewable alternatives. There are no natural gas and oil reserves, while the state’s proximity to Long Island Sound provides wind energy. Partner with Integrity Energy to take advantage of these resources at the most competitive electricity rates available.  

At Integrity Energy, our team of professionals offers over 50 years of combined executive experience. We constantly monitor the ever-shifting energy market in Hartford, CT, to score the best deals. Keeping your business bright, comfortable, and functioning smoothly shouldn’t break the bank. Request a quote from Integrity Energy today to build a brighter, more cost-effective future. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Shopping in Hartford

As of March 2024, the average commercial electricity rate in Connecticut is 20.40¢/kWh, while the average residential electricity rate is 29.12¢/kWh. If you believe you’re paying too much for electricity in Hartford, CT, request a free quote today. Our team can search for better rates and find a plan aligning with your business budget. 

Early spring and fall are ideal times to shop for new power plans in Hartford, CT. Milder climates often encourage providers to offer low fixed-rate plans that can result in huge savings over time. However, as with many states, energy demands in Hartford peak in summer and winter, bringing along higher prices. Take advantage of cost-effective rates as they arise.  

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