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Save on Denver Electric Rates

While Denver’s deregulated energy market currently only includes the natural gas market, you can still save on your commercial electricity rates with a personalized quote from Integrity Energy. We’re a leading national energy broker that can help you find the right Retail Energy Provider (REP) through our extensive network, keeping your costs low without all the work. 

How Much Is Electricity In Denver, CO?


4 Steps to Save on Business Power Rates

Request a Quote for Business Energy Rates.

A number two logo. Choose a Plan that Matches your Energy Needs & Budget.

A number three logo. Save Money on your Commercial Energy Costs.

A 4 Logo. Receive Ongoing Support & Renewal Services.

Explore Denver Energy Supplier Options

Business owners have several Denver energy companies to choose from for their electricity and natural gas needs, but we source the best rates. No matter your business size, we help you find a plan that works for you. Each provider in our network offers a range of plans, giving you better control over your expenses. 

Fixed Rate

Choose a fixed-rate plan that stays the same throughout your contract to make budgeting easier and avoid rising prices during market fluctuations. By locking in your energy rate for a year or longer, based on your contract duration, you can confidently plan for your utility bills no matter the season. 

Renewable Energy Plans

Renewable energy can reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and your carbon footprint. Getting the power you need through 100% sustainable sources, such as wind or solar farms, offers an earth-friendly option that can also save your company money. 

Block and Index Plan

Block and Index is a commercial energy plan that combines fixed-rate stability with variable price flexibility. Most of the energy needed will be purchased in a bulk block at a fixed price. Once the fixed-rate block has been consumed, additional energy will be purchased at a variable rate. Block and Index is ideal for large energy consumers with a strong grasp on their power demands. 

What Plan is Right for Me?

Navigating commercial energy plan offerings can be complicated. If you’re not sure how to start comparing energy suppliers, plans, and rates, consider partnering with Integrity Energy! Our complimentary energy consultations empower you to choose the best plan for your business.

How to Switch Energy Providers

Let Integrity Energy Explore Utility Rates for You

We eliminate the time it’ll take you to find providers serving your area at cost-effective prices. Our energy experts quote you the best rates on commercial electricity and natural gas in Denver from our provider

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Choose the Best Plan for your Needs

Compare the plans we provide in your customized quote to decide which fits your budget with the terms and benefits you want. Then, secure a contract for the plan that works best. 

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Save More on your Energy Costs

We serve over 40,000 businesses nationwide, so we can negotiate energy prices to save you money immediately and reduce your utility bills by up to 50% throughout your contract compared to your previous rates. 

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Enjoy Ongoing Support & Renewal Services

Our knowledgeable team is available to answer your questions or address concerns for the life of your contract. We remind you when it’s time to renew to ensure a seamless process to your next great energy plan. 

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Benefits of Working with Integrity Energy

Secure Competitive Energy Rates

Integrity Energy finds the best electricity rates for your location and business needs.

Customized Commercial Energy Solutions

We customize every quote to ensure businesses large and small get the best rates possible.

Extensive Provider Network

Utilizing the 30+ energy providers in our network, we help ensure you get the most cost-effective plan for your company.

Trusted by Brands Across the U.S.

Woman in striped shorts standing on urban street.

Jeri R.

We have had a contract for our gas and electric through Integrity energy for a year, and at that time they told us that if rates went down we would be notified. And today they stood by their word. I received an email that rates were at an all time low and got a phone call from Shaniya at Integrity. It was a seamless process and she was pleasant to work with. She was able to explain to me what is going on in both markets and once again if the rates dip lower we will be notified. We are all set for the coming year!

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Get the Best Commercial Energy Rates in Denver, CO 

Energy costs are constantly rising. We know many factors impact prices, and prices fluctuate between energy companies in Denver. Whether you’re searching for electric or natural gas rates, Integrity Energy gives you peace of mind that you’re getting the best commercial rates available. We only quote plans that provide the lowest prices with the most favorable options for your business so you can make an informed decision. 

Integrity Energy Helps You Find Optimal Business Utility Plans 

We constantly monitor the ever-changing energy market to ensure we offer you the most competitive rates for comparison. By only working with providers with the same commitment, we make saving money on your company’s power needs a simple and seamless process. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Denver Energy Shopping

The average commercial energy price in the Denver area in March 2024 was 11.08 cents per kWh. This is 13% lower than the national average commercial rate recorded in March 2024 of 12.76 cents per kWh. Request a free quote from Integrity to start saving today. 

Shop for commercial electricity rates in Denver when demand is typically lowest. This decrease usually occurs in spring and early fall. It’s a great time to find a fixed rate plan that won’t go up with the increase in HVAC energy usage during summer or winter. 

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