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**Texas electricity rates are at a 30 day low. Talk with an expert before they increase**

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    Integrity Energy's Seven Step Process includes: 1. Integrity Assessment (Spend 15 minutes with our team while we analyze your account and contract details to select suppliers that fit your needs.) 2. Integrity Options (We'll send you an energy quote with at least three options to choose from, including different suppliers and contract terms. Our unbiased advice will help you find the best solution.) 3. Integrity Sign-up (Our simple sign up process is handled electronically, even contract signatures.) 4. Integrity QA (Every order detail is confirmed to ensure accuracy and smooth processing.) 5. Integrity Monitoring (We proactively monitor your accounts to address any contractual issues with suppliers should they arise. E.g. You sell your business, account number changes, etc) 6. Integrity Renewal (To protect your business from market volatility, we contact you ahead of your contract end date to discuss renewal options. In anyone else contacts you, you respond "No thank you, we have Integrity!" 7. Integrity Guarantee (Sleep easy! You'll never fall out of contract with Integrity as your broker)