What is a Commercial Energy Broker?

10/13/2022 8 minutes
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By: Integrity Energy Team

When most people think about energy, they think of electricity and gas – the fuels that power our homes and businesses. Few people realize that there are different types of energy, and even fewer understand the complex process of getting that energy to their door. This is where commercial energy brokers come in. But what is a commercial energy broker? Quite simply, it is an intermediary between businesses and energy providers. A good broker will have extensive knowledge of the energy market and will be able to find the best deal for their clients. They can save businesses money on energy bills and help them switch providers easily and quickly.

The Need for an Energy Broker

But why would a business need an energy broker? Aren’t providers happy to deal directly with their customers? The answer depends. Providers are more than happy to deal with large businesses that generate a lot of volume. But unfortunately, small businesses may not get the same level of service or attention from providers and pay a higher price. Commercial brokers act as an advocate for small businesses, negotiating better deals on their behalf and ensuring the commercial energy purchased is of the highest quality. In other words, a broker can ensure that businesses get the best possible price for their energy.

When small to medium-sized businesses, in particular, utilize a commercial energy broker, they can reap many benefits, like:

A broker can save businesses money by negotiating better deals with energy providers

A broker can advise businesses on the best type of energy for their needs

A broker can help businesses switch energy providers quickly and easily

A broker can provide after-sales support to ensure that businesses are happy with their energy service

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For organizations such as those in the manufacturing sector, where energy consumption can be high, commercial brokers can save businesses a lot of money. In fact, it’s not uncommon for businesses to save thousands per year on electricity. For small businesses that are just starting out or businesses that are struggling to make ends meet, this can be a lifesaver. The commercial energy market can be complex and confusing, but brokers have the knowledge and expertise to guide businesses through it. Finding the right energy plan is vital for the success of any business, and a good broker will work closely with their clients.

What Exactly Does a Commercial Energy Broker Do?

A commercial energy broker is an expert in the field of energy. They will have a detailed knowledge of the energy market and the different types of energy available to businesses. A good broker will also be up-to-date on the latest industry news and changes they can advise their clients accordingly. An energy broker works with businesses to understand their energy needs and then finds the best possible energy solution. This might involve switching providers, negotiating a better deal, or finding a green energy solution that meets the business's sustainability goals. Energy brokers provide a valuable service to businesses by taking the time to understand their needs and then finding the best possible energy solution.

Energy brokers do not own the energy or sell it directly to the end-user but will present available rates to a client. You can think of the relationship as similar to that of buying a house. The real estate agent does not own the home but serves as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller to negotiate the sale.

Are Energy Brokers Legit?

The answer is yes! There are many reputable commercial energy brokers out there who can save businesses money on their energy bills. However, it is important to do your research to make sure you are choosing a broker who is experienced and reputable. While many brokers are legitimate and can save businesses money, some are not. It is important to be aware of these so-called "energy pirates" who may try to take advantage of businesses and con them.

While there are some scams out there like in any other industry, there are many reputable commercial energy brokers who can save businesses money on their bills. By using a reputed energy broker you can improve your company in several ways like going green, and improving your bottom line. It is best to stick with a company with years of experience when looking for a legit energy broker.

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