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Plastic pumpkins buckets for sale in a store shelf

10 Low-Budget Halloween Retail Displays

During the spookiest time of the year, it is essential to have your retail Halloween displays on point for the season. This article will suggest 10 low-budget Halloween retail displays for you to consider this season. To help, we’ve asked Adam Shrum with Evergreen Promotions for display and marketing ideas that won’t break the bank, while also lowering your carbon footprint.

Add a Witch’s Broom

Adding a broom to a witch mannequin is a great way to add some Halloween to your storefront. Just use that old broom you have lying around, or you could check your local thrift shop to see if they have one. For example, the image below is something created by Whimsy’s owner, Traci Tessone. It’s also a super simple yet straightforward look; the outfit is perfectly displayed with a broom to represent the witch’s dress.

Add Spooky Monster Cutouts

Adding scary black creatures behind your scenes is a quick and easy way to add Halloween decorations to your shop. Get some black construction paper or card stock and some scissors. For example, American Clothing uses designer Lena Shockley. The design shows that beauty also has a dark side.

A black cutout with a light behind it can have an eerie effect. Just make sure if you have the option to use LED lights. They use far less energy than standard lights and are more sustainable for the environment. You can even get LED-powered jack-o’-lanterns!

“LED [lights] with solar-powered is what I would go with,” Shrum says. “There are many options these days.”

monsters window display

Hang Brooms

Hang the broom like a witch flying in the sky! Just collect all the brooms and hang them for an amazing Halloween window display. For example, in the image below, Cole’s Hardware wants us to imagine that wizards can’t fly without their brooms, so they offer some of the best equipment for all customers who need them.

brooms window display

Add Pumpkins

Adding pumpkins will just scream fall and Halloween. Just get the real thing at your local grocery store or buy a fake one at your local Dollar Store, just remember to recycle and reuse. For example, in the image below, people passing through Ralph Laurens in New York have cute and spooky gifts in their children’s store. This giant pumpkin is the perfect installation to invite parents and their kids to find the perfect fall outfit for the little one.

“Go with the organic pumpkin,” Shrum suggests, “it’s biodegradable.” Though Shrum also said reusing plastic pumpkins is environmentally friendly.

pumpkins window display

Add Spider Webs

Putting together some webs in your Halloween retail display or even online is the perfect way to add some spooky vibes to your look. For example, in the image, the female mannequin in this gruesome scene serves no particular purpose.

spider webs window display

Cut Out Some Eyes and Teeth

You can cut out the eyes and teeth on card stock or glue some of them onto black card stock to add a spooky background to your shop window. For example, in the image below, designer Mulberry always has a storefront that fits every season and holiday like a charm. In this case, Kevin Langridge uses a black background with bright eyes and charred tree trunks to bring the merchandise into the spotlight.

spooky eyes window display

Make Your Mannequins Headless

Simply removing the mannequin’s head can create a spooky scene. For example, in the image below, a performance by a French dance shoe company leaves a lot of imagination, a beheaded witch or ghost dancer, or whatever comes to you.

headless mannequin window display

Try Small Handouts for Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Small handouts in front of your store can be another excellent way to grab attention. Evergreen Promotions have used wristbands with QR codes in the past.

“With wristbands, we have glow in the dark versions,” which were made to be environmentally friendly, Shrum says. “We’ve even had QR codes printed on them.”

While spooky displays can grab the eye, Shrum reminds us that if a store goes too frightening with its displays, it can have the opposite effect and drive away customers.

“There’s a stigma with Halloween so a lot of brands don’t want to mess with it. So I would say change your approach with it. Make it a fun event instead of spooky. Something positive, like a costume contest.”

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