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At Integrity Energy, it’s our mission to “Impact People’s Lives”. Whether you’re a customer, an employee, or even a wrong number call, we take this mission seriously. From the small, silly moments, to the deeply meaningful, here are some of our favorite impactful moments of 2023.

Stepping in at the VFW

When the Treasurer for a Chicago-area VFW got saddled with the consequences of some fly-by-night energy suppliers, our team worked with him for months to help him avoid termination fees and get on a legitimate energy contract.

Stewart was leery at first. Previous board members had signed up with confusing contracts, and the VFW’s electric suppliers were threatening large term fees. Step by step, we worked on electric and gas contracts to get the large term fees waived, and Stewart’s VFW post become one of over 120 VFWs that trust Integrity Energy with their energy contracts.

Lasting Relationships

Integrity Energy takes great pride in our high retention rates with customers. Upwards of 80 percent of eligible contracts choose to renew through us. In fact, many of our customers have been with us for so long that they’ve formed genuine friendships with their representatives.

Building Trust

With the proliferation of fly-by-night energy suppliers, and the complexity of energy contracts, it’s no wonder that energy customers are often wary. With two decades of experience and great oversight of the suppliers we offer, Integrity Energy’s agents have become well-versed in quickly demystifying the energy market for our busy customers.

A Great Place to Come to Work

The first rule of having happy customers is to have happy employees. We think it’s important to provide paid training, comprehensive benefits, and a fun and energetic work environment.

Small Moments of Joy

At its core, Integrity Energy has always strived to save customers money so their businesses can thrive. Sometimes, it’s those small wins are all we need to know we’ve made an impact.

Impacting More in 2024

While we’re proud of all our successes in 2023, it’s just a stepping stone. We’re looking forward to growing and touching more lives in the new year. If your business is struggling with high energy bills or confusing contracts, reach out to Integrity Energy’s expert energy brokers and they can help with a quote or energy guidance.