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Running water from a faucet

How to Save Water for a Small Business

With so many states declaring a drought these past several years, it is no secret that this grim reality isn’t going anywhere. According to the EPA, Americans use about 300 gallons of water per day! Businesses account for almost 20% of water usage in the United States. In an effort to save water, a small business can initiate a water-saving plan to educate their employees to implement ways to save water.

How to Keep Water Usage Low as a Small Business

There are numerous and simple ways to save water. From utilizing simple water-saving tips like not running a dishwasher until it is fully loaded to checking regularly for leaks that add up over time to watering plants from a customer’s leftover drinking water.

Water Conservation 101

You don’t need an enormous cash flow to conserve water. Although there are many water-saving devices and new appliances that save not only water but money as well, there are even simpler ways to save water. You don’t have to sink a hefty investment into keeping this invaluable resource from evaporating. Plus, most customers appreciate when a business does the right thing by caring enough to enforce the ways to save water. Here are some simple water-saving tips you might find useful:

  • Begin with a water audit by contacting your utility company to get started so you can see what you’re using and how to slow your flow
  • Give authority to an employee, or two, for better results – giving someone responsibility for realizing and maintaining a water conservation program can help save water
  • Make it fun for employees by creating a competition to see who saves the most water during their shift
  • For restaurants, rather than spraying off uneaten food into a garbage disposal, scrape it into the trash can
  • Hang water conservation posters in the bathrooms and employees areas as a reminder
  • Install water-efficient taps with an aerator or flow restrictor so you use less water in both the sink and the shower (these aren’t costly and are encouraged as an incentive from local utility companies
  • Create landscapes (if your business has a garden) that are indigenous to your area rather than a lawn
  • Use mulch to slow the evaporation process
  • Use any greywater for watering any plants or flowers
  • Water during the cool times of the day; early morning and evening is best for saturation

Start Small to Get Big Results

Small steps can add up. Using any of the above tips for saving water can have a big impact in both your home and at your business. For more ideas and information on how to be a steward for water conservation, check out the EPA’s site to learn about their Water Sense Program. Because at Integrity Energy, we believe that knowledge is power.