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Did you know that businesses in deregulated energy markets have the power to cut their energy bills up to 50%? In today’s competitive landscape, businesses in deregulated energy markets hold the key to significant savings. With the power to choose your energy supplier, you can unlock unparalleled cost savings and align your energy use with sustainability goals. When you partner with Integrity Energy, there’s only 4 simple steps to switch energy suppliers. Discover how you can make informed energy decisions that maximize your business’s bottom line.

Ways to Shop Energy Suppliers, Rates, & Plans

When it comes to switching commercial energy suppliers, there are three main methods for success. The methodology you prefer depends on how much time and energy you have as well as your knowledge about your business energy demands. Whether you want to shop independently or leverage the expertise of an industry expert, there’s several options for switching suppliers. 

  • Shopping Independently: For a hands-on approach to energy shopping, you can conduct your own research to compare plans and providers. While independent shopping takes time and patience, it also provides full control of the procurement process. This method is ideal for proactive energy consumers with a depth of knowledge about their unique energy needs. 
  • Partner With an Energy Broker: You can leverage the industry expertise of a commercial energy broker to shop rates for you. Energy brokers leverage their industry connections to negotiate energy rates on your behalf. They do the legwork for you, providing you with a variety of suppliers and contract terms to meet your energy and business needs. Energy brokers are an ideal solution for businesses with limited time and energy industry expertise.  
  • Contact Your Current Supplier: If you’re happy with your current supplier but are close to the contract termination date, consider a Blend and Extend plan. By contacting your supplier prior to the contract termination date, they can create a customized contract extension for your business. This is ideal if you don’t want to make any major changes to your current energy plan. 

Before Getting Started: Have a Recent Energy Bill Available

In order to compare energy suppliers and rates, you’ll need to have a recent energy bill available. It’s crucial to know your current energy rate. Your current energy rate is typically on the first page of your bill. If you currently have a chosen supplier, your energy rate will be listed in a box underneath your local utility’s charges. If you have a current energy contract, it’s also essential to know your termination date.

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Keep your recent energy bill close by! After requesting a free quote, our experts will contact you to discuss current bills, contract details, and business energy needs.

Four Simple Steps to Switch Business Energy Providers

The energy market is complicated, but shopping for new energy providers doesn’t have to be. Following this four-step process provides the guidelines for you to secure the best energy plan to meet your business’s unique needs. Each phase of the process provides important details to consider, creating simple, actionable steps towards finding your ideal energy solution. Comparing energy suppliers and contract terms can help your business lower bills for years to come!

1. Understand Your Current Energy Plan & Power Needs

To find the best energy plan and supplier for your business, it’s essential to understand your energy demands and current plan details. This serves as your baseline for comparison. The next things to consider before shopping for energy suppliers are the energy demands and goals of your business.  

What are you trying to achieve with a new energy supplier? Do you want the lowest energy rate on the market, or are you interested in sustainable energy solutions? Are you searching for additional customer resources and benefits, or do you prefer the most simple, straightforward plan available? Reflecting on your energy demands, business objectives, and current contract terms provides a better foundation for researching energy suppliers. 

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Interested in reducing your business’s carbon footprint? Saving green while you go green is easy when you partner with Integrity Energy

2. Compare Business Energy Suppliers & Plan Details

Once you’ve created clear objectives and energy goals, you begin the comparison process. There are more than 255 retail energy providers across the United States’ deregulated energy markets. Finding the best energy supplier and contract terms to meet your business needs takes patience and diligence.   

Fixed-rate energy plans typically provide the most cost savings over the course of the contract. However, there are a wide variety of customized energy solutions that cater to unique industry needs and sustainability goals. Take time to review energy generation sources, plan types, customer benefits, and company reviews to make an informed decision for your business. 

3. Choose the Best Plan & Start Saving on Energy Bills

After comparing providers and plan offerings, choose the best plan to match your budgetary, operational, and sustainability objectives. At the start of your contract, your new energy rate will be reflected in one-to-two billing cycles. Low, fixed-rate contract terms provide budget predictability and cost savings throughout your contract.  

4. Contract Renewal or Shopping New Energy Plans

Set a reminder for your contract termination date. Falling out of contract leaves your business susceptible to unexpected energy rate hikes, impacting on your bottom line. Before the end of your energy contract, consider if you’d like to renew your current plan. If you’d like to renew your current contract, contact your supplier prior to the termination date.  

 If you decide to shop for a new supplier, start the process prior to contract termination to avoid costly variable rates. Consider the factors that you weren’t satisfied with in your current contract as a guideline for your next energy plan. 

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Partner with Integrity Energy for scheduled renewal services, ensuring continuous contract coverage. Our renewal team secures cost-effective energy plans for your business’s future.

Why Switch Energy Suppliers?

Choosing your energy supplier can provide your business with numerous benefits. The most impactful business benefit is certainly the cost savings of locking in a low, fixed energy rate. A fixed rate energy plan provides budget predictability, so you never experience sticker shock with unexpectedly high bills.  

Beyond cost savings, choosing a supplier enables you to align your business’s power source with sustainability goals. You can choose from natural gas, electricity, or a 100% renewable energy plan to meet business needs while reducing your carbon footprint. Additional reasons businesses switch suppliers are receiving better customer service or customer benefits like energy efficiency consultations or energy audits. 

Important Reminders about Switching Energy Suppliers

Switching business energy suppliers only takes four simple steps; however, there are several essential factors to keep in mind. You put a lot of passion and dedication into your business, which means you might not have the time or expertise to effectively shop suppliers. Fortunately, your business has expert support in the energy industry. Furthermore, not every state offers the power to choose energy suppliers. You will need to determine what kind of energy market your business operates in to find the best energy solution. Discover how our experts can help you navigate the energy market and find the best plan for your business.  

Commercial energy brokers simplify the supplier comparison process

Navigating a deregulated energy market alone is a daunting task. It takes a lot of valuable time to research suppliers, and negotiating rates as a small business isn’t always successful. However, switching retail energy suppliers is simple when you partner with a trusted commercial energy broker! Businesses can leverage the industry expertise of energy brokers to find the most cost-effective energy plans on the market.  

When you partner with Integrity Energy, your dedicated account manager talks you through each energy plan’s contract details. Their unbiased advice and guidance empowers you to pick the best energy solution for your business. Furthermore, our scheduled renewal services ensure your business never receives an unexpectedly high bill due to falling out of contract. Our team reaches out well before contract termination, enabling you to secure the next cost-effective plan to power your business. 

You must live in a deregulated state to switch energy suppliers

Businesses located in a deregulated energy market have the power to switch their energy supplier. In deregulated markets, retail energy providers (REPs) must compete for customers, fostering competition and leading to lower energy rates. In order to stay competitive REPs must keep costs low and provide additional customer benefits and resources. Some deregulated states allow businesses to switch both gas and electricity suppliers, while other states allow one or the other. In a few deregulated markets, the power to choose is restricted to only commercial customers. Regardless of specific state limitations, businesses in deregulated markets have a great opportunity to reduce energy expenses. 

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Ready to Make the Switch & Start Saving on Business Energy Rates?

Switching energy suppliers is a straightforward way for businesses to reduce costs and align with sustainability goals. By partnering with Integrity Energy, you gain access to expert guidance and a wide range of energy solutions tailored to your business needs. Don’t let high energy bills hold your business back. Request a free quote today to discover how you can start saving on energy expenses while powering your business towards a brighter, more sustainable future. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a retail energy provider (REP)?

A retail energy provider (REP) is a company that sells electricity or natural gas directly to consumers or businesses. They compete in deregulated markets, offering various pricing plans and services to attract customers. 

What are the benefits of changing energy suppliers?

Changing energy suppliers can lead to cost savings through competitive pricing plans, aligning with sustainability goals by choosing renewable energy options, and accessing additional benefits like better customer service or energy efficiency consultations. 

What steps do I need to take to switch providers?

When you partner with Integrity Energy, you can switch energy providers in 4 easy steps! Start by requesting a quote. After a brief call with our energy experts, you’ll receive the top three plans for your business needs. Select the best plan to meet your business energy needs. At the start of your contract, you’ll notice immediate cost savings!  

Don’t forget: Your dedicated account manager is available for expert advice during your contract. Furthermore, our scheduled renewal services make sure you never fall out of contract!  

Can I switch energy providers if I’m already under contract?

If you want to switch suppliers prior to the end of your contract, you may be susceptible to early termination fees. Integrity Energy’s team of experts can help you avoid unnecessary fees, so you receive the affordable, reliable power you need. 

For additional answers to your energy management questions, please refer to our general FAQ page.