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Potted Plants

Aside from creating a welcoming ambiance for your business, indoor plants also contribute to lower energy bills. Many business owners add foliage to their business to improve natural beauty and employee morale. However, behind the scenes each plant works diligently to improve air quality and create a more comfortable temperature.

How do plants improve energy efficiency exactly? Indoor plants enhance air quality and ease the strain on HVAC systems, leading to lower bills and a more comfortable workspace. Discover how plants go beyond beauty to improve indoor spaces and identify which plants have the most significant impact.

How Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality & Humidity

Indoor plants are natural dehumidifiers, regulating humidity levels and air quality. Leafy plants use a process called transpiration in which leaves absorb water from the building’s atmosphere and then release moisture into the air. Through transpiration, indoor plants have a cooling affect in the summer months, reducing indoor temperatures by up to 10℉. In colder months, the humidity released from plants improves air circulation, helping the air feel warmer and more comfortable.

Not only do indoor plants regulate humidity, but they also improve indoor air quality. To purify air, plants undergo a process called phytoremediation, which neutralizes pollutants, airborne particles, harmful bacteria, and even mold. According to NASA, you can maximize air purification by positioning at least one plant per every 100 square feet.

Space Saving Plant Walls

Building a plant wall in your office is a great way for businesses to make ample use of plants’ natural benefits. Not only do plant walls create a relaxing ambiance for employees, they produce fresh clean energy without taking up significant floor space.  Your business will still enjoy improved air quality with a unique art installation as an added bonus.

How Indoor Plants Provide Insulation & Shade

Indoor plants also improve your business’s energy performance by providing additional insulation and shade. Strategic plant placement reduces strain on your heating and cooling systems, reducing energy bills and maintenance costs. Placing large, leafy plants near windows and doors creates an insulating effect. In the summer, heat absorbing plants are typically big, leafy varieties that provide additional shade and reduce sun glare. Many of these same varieties also create an insulation effect to reduce heat loss in winter.

Choosing the Right Plants for Energy Savings

Not all plants are created equal. Whether your goal is to improve air quality or reduce costs, each plant has unique characteristics to support your goals. As a general rule large, leafy plants are best suited for energy savings. The more leaves a plant has, the more effective it is at air purification and temperature regulation. Discover what plants are ideal for air purification, natural cooling, and natural warming below.

Energy Efficient Plats Infographic

Air Purifying Indoor Plants:

  • Snake Plant
  • Rubber Tree
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • All Fern Varieties

Naturally Cooling Indoor Plants:

  • Snake Plant
  • Rubber Tree
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Ficus Tree
  • All Palm Varieties

Naturally Warming Indoor Plants:

  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lilies
  • Indoor Evergreens
  • All Pothos Varieties
  • All Fern Varieties

Consider dispersing some of these plant varieties around your workspace for natural beauty as well as improved air quality and lower heating and cooling costs. Each of these plants have a unique look and characteristics to improve customer and employee comfort while reducing overhead expenses.

Save Some Green While Planting Greenery

The synergy between plants and electricity is a powerful tool businesses can use to lower utility expenses while beautifying their space. Indoor plants are a sustainable way to reduce your business’s energy demands. Whether your goal is summer cooling or retaining warmth in winter, indoor plants make a tangible difference in energy savings. By strategically selecting and placing plants, business owners can cultivate efficiency while reducing environmental impact and operational costs.

If you want to take an extra step towards energy savings, request a free quote from Integrity Energy today. Our energy experts are dedicated to creating customized energy solutions with the lowest rates on the market. So, why wait? Embrace the green revolution and watch your energy bills shrink while your business blooms.