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Michael McKelvey

Michael Mckelvey is Integrity Energy’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager with 8 years of marketing and analytics experience. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Communications at Ohio State University before achieving his Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing from University of Akron. Michael’s data-driven strategies maximize client reach through paid search and social media, highlighting his dedication to building meaningful connections. Outside of his career, Michael enjoys capturing life’s moments through photography. His photographic eye for detail has found successful applications in wedding photography, video editing, and e-commerce.

Recent posts by Michael McKelvey

A Wealth of Opportunity in Ohio’s Untapped Energy Storage Market


3 minutes

Uncover What Lies Ahead for Ohio’s Energy Market In Ohio’s heartland, the vast agricultural landscape holds great potential for renewable energy and storage, however the state is currently at a crossroads. Despite abundant resources, only 4% of the state’s energy is renewable, ranking it 41st nationally. The biggest hurdle? A lack of energy storage facilitiesRead more “A Wealth of Opportunity in Ohio’s Untapped Energy Storage Market”

How to Save the Planet with Green Energy This Earth Day


5 minutes

Contribute To The Green Energy Movement As the world transitions to cleaner energy sources, the urgency to address environmental challenges is intensifying. Among the growing global concerns about climate change and sustainability, green energy solutions stand as a beacon of hope for a brighter and safer future. Harnessing renewable resources not only reduces environmental harm,Read more “How to Save the Planet with Green Energy This Earth Day”

The Sustainable Stadium Revolution in Professional Sports


9 minutes

Scoring Big for the Planet The beautiful beginning of spring is paired with the start of Major League Baseball and the NFL Draft season. Millions of sports fans will be flocking to their local stadiums, cheering on their favorite teams. Whether you prefer America’s favorite pastime, or you can’t get away from the gridiron, theRead more “The Sustainable Stadium Revolution in Professional Sports”

A Guide to Renewable Energy


6 minutes

Renewable energy sources are revolutionizing the way we power our world, offering sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. From harnessing the energy of the sun to tapping into the Earth’s natural heat and water resources, renewables play a pivotal role in combating climate change and fostering a more sustainable future. What is Renewable Energy? RenewableRead more “A Guide to Renewable Energy”

Cultivating Efficiency: How Indoor Plants Cut Your Business’s Energy Bills


3 minutes

Aside from creating a welcoming ambiance for your business, indoor plants also contribute to lower energy bills. Many business owners add foliage to their business to improve natural beauty and employee morale. However, behind the scenes each plant works diligently to improve air quality and create a more comfortable temperature. How do plants improve energyRead more “Cultivating Efficiency: How Indoor Plants Cut Your Business’s Energy Bills”

Microgrids: A Grassroots Approach to Reliable Power


5 minutes

Imagine a scenario where power outages become a thing of the past – where both businesses and communities can thrive without disruption. Enter microgrids, the unsung heroes of energy resilience. These decentralized power systems offer a grassroots solution to the pressing issues of energy reliability, resilience, and sustainability. Picture not only energy independence but alsoRead more “Microgrids: A Grassroots Approach to Reliable Power”