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Kat Garside

Kat is a Cleveland transplant who hails from the Pacific Northwest, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and French Literature from Boise State University. Prior to writing about the energy industry, Kat has 10 years of experience supporting the creative content goals of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. When she isn’t busy writing, Kat is an avid watercolorist and enjoys exploring bike trails in the Cleveland Metroparks with her husband. She is passionate about celebrating the importance and beauty of nature through her writing and artistry.

Recent posts by Kat Garside

Implement a Comprehensive Energy Management System in 5 Simple Steps


5 minutes

Energy management provides a glimpse into when, where, and how much energy you use while providing the tools needed to more easily control your usage. It’s a common misconception that energy management systems are software that simply does the work for you, however proactive energy management is as much about human effort as it isRead more “Implement a Comprehensive Energy Management System in 5 Simple Steps”

Cooking with Purpose: The Chef’s Handbook for an Energy Efficient Kitchen


7 minutes

Behind every bustling restaurant lies the energy-intensive beast of a commercial kitchen. From sizzling grills and roaring ovens to bubbling deep fryers and crisp walk-in coolers, the demands of the dinner rush are met with a voracious appetite for power. Yet, amid the culinary chaos, lies an opportunity for transformation.  With notoriously low margins, anyRead more “Cooking with Purpose: The Chef’s Handbook for an Energy Efficient Kitchen”

The Top Five Benefits of Working with a Commercial Energy Broker


6 minutes

In a world where every watt matters and navigating the energy market feels like uncharted waters, one ally stands out: commercial energy brokers. Armed with industry expertise and supplier connections, commercial energy brokers navigate the complex energy market to keep businesses afloat. Commercial energy brokers understand the intricate process of powering up a complex businessRead more “The Top Five Benefits of Working with a Commercial Energy Broker”

Opportunities to Reduce Energy Waste in Medical Clinics


6 minutes

Reducing Energy Waste in Medical Clinics Running a healthcare facility is a costly endeavor. From hospitals providing 24/7 care to outpatient facilities that operate highly specialized equipment, public health is a major energy consumer. According to the EPA, inpatient healthcare is the second-largest commercial energy user in the United States, spending over $6.5 billion annuallyRead more “Opportunities to Reduce Energy Waste in Medical Clinics”

Maximizing Energy Savings with Routine HVAC Maintenance


9 minutes

Unlock a treasure trove of operational savings by delving into the world of routine HVAC maintenance. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) accounts for nearly half of all building expenses, so it’s essential to recognize the financial impact a well-maintained HVAC system can have on your operational costs.

A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Energy Benchmarking


7 minutes

By embarking on the journey of commercial energy benchmarking, you not only identify opportunities to reduce energy waste, but also ensure your business aligns seamlessly with industry standards. The ripple effect of benchmarking extends to an enhanced reputation — demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, fostering a greener future, and gaining a competitive edge. Start the year off right by taking a strategic step into the world of energy efficiency, propelling your business soar to new heights of success.

What are the Benefits of Renewable Energy for Government Facilities?


4 minutes

In a world that’s increasingly aware that actions today profoundly impact the planet’s future, the push for sustainable practices has gained unprecedented momentum. Individuals, businesses, and governments are reducing their ecological impact by reducing their energy usage and switching to renewable energy sources. This reduces reliance on finite fossil fuels, minimizes carbon emissions, and savesRead more “What are the Benefits of Renewable Energy for Government Facilities?”

The Future of Electricity in the U.S.


13 minutes

Electricity is an essential cornerstone in the modern world, illuminating our homes, businesses, and industries while powering progress and innovation. Currently, the landscape of electricity generation stands at a crossroads. While fossil fuels have historically met our power demands, the contemporary world is pivoting towards more sustainable, renewable alternatives. As the energy sector’s evolution unfolds,Read more “The Future of Electricity in the U.S.”

Business Energy: Electricity vs. Natural Gas


7 minutes

Utilities are unavoidable expenses for business owners. Selecting the right energy source for your company is an important decision that directly affects daily operations and your bottom line. Each business has unique energy needs, so this decision profoundly influences your operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. Electricity and natural gas stand out as the two most popular sources powering commercial spaces. By gaining a better understanding of these prominent energy sources, you can find the right plan that best suits your company’s needs.