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Jasmine Capen

Jasmine Capen is the Digital Project Manager at Integrity Energy and She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Marietta College and spent several years as a local news journalist before transitioning into software. Jasmine is a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and software professional with over 8 years of experience delivering awesome products. Jasmine is a passionate advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association, and current co-chair of The Longest Day, an ongoing fundraising initiative. When she isn’t managing projects at Integrity Energy, Jasmine is likely off kayaking with her husband as they continue their quest to go paddling in every U.S. state.

Recent posts by Jasmine Capen

The Basics Behind Hydropower


6 minutes

As the world slowly shifts to a more renewable-heavy energy supply, hydropower energy is becoming an increasingly important part of the global market. Here in the United States, water-powered electricity plants are creating sustainable solutions to ever-growing power demands.  What Is Hydropower Energy?  Hydropower is a type of energy generation that uses the movement ofRead more “The Basics Behind Hydropower”

Success Stories for Energy Management


7 minutes

Exploring 4 Impactful Energy Management Strategies From crippling energy bills to record savings, discover how innovative energy management systems (EMS) cultivate successful businesses. Implementing an EMS can revolutionize how businesses manage their energy use, leading to substantial cost savings and improved sustainability. EMS solutions have a significant impact across diverse industries, providing a data-driven actionRead more “Success Stories for Energy Management”

Beyond the Grid: Energy Management Software’s Impact on Modern Business Microgrids


6 minutes

It’s no secret in the industry that energy prices are volatile. They fluctuate frequently and unexpectedly based on consumer demands, fuel availability, and other market dynamics. But what if your business had the power to generate and store its own energy? Imagine little-to-no energy expenses affecting your bottom line and fewer outages during inclement weather.Read more “Beyond the Grid: Energy Management Software’s Impact on Modern Business Microgrids”

Unlocking the Potential of Nuclear Energy Solutions for Businesses


3 minutes

Did you know that the energy source behind your business’s power can change your rates dramatically? Choosing the right energy source for your business can make a major difference to your bottom line. While fossil fuels are prone to volatile pricing fluctuations and renewable energy has intermittency issues, nuclear power emerges as a cost-effective andRead more “Unlocking the Potential of Nuclear Energy Solutions for Businesses”

The Benefits of Solar Power for Apartment Buildings


6 minutes

Demand for renewable energy sources has surged, and solar power has emerged as a sustainable and cost-effective solution. While solar panels are commonly associated with single-family homes, many apartment buildings are beginning to adopt them as well. This article explores the numerous benefits of harnessing solar power for apartment buildings, shedding light on how this eco-friendly technology can be a game-changer for both property owners and residents.

School’s Out for Fossil Fuels: The Rise of Electric School Buses


5 minutes

The big, yellow school bus is an academic icon, transporting millions of students to and from school every day. Traditionally, school buses have run on diesel, which spews dangerous tailpipe emissions that are not only harmful to the environment, but have been linked to childhood asthma and other significant health risks.  Fortunately, there is aRead more “School’s Out for Fossil Fuels: The Rise of Electric School Buses”

Unleashing Efficiency: Industries Transformed by Energy Management Systems


6 minutes

In the competitive world of business, keeping overhead costs low is vital for long-term sustainability and growth. While many people see utility costs as simply a bill to be paid, the savvy business owner understands the considerable cost savings that can be achieved through energy efficiency. By adopting an energy management system (EMS), businesses canRead more “Unleashing Efficiency: Industries Transformed by Energy Management Systems”