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Ellery Hollister

Ellery Hollister is Integrity Energy's Marketing Strategy Specialist. She is a recent graduate from Marietta College, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications. With 19 years of dance experience and two years of marketing experience, Ellery brings a creative and disciplined approach to her role. She is eager to apply her skills and communication expertise to build meaningful connections and develop successful marketing strategies. Ellery is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys skiing, hiking, and golfing in her free time. She also loves cooking and trying new restaurants, making the most of her culinary adventures in her new Cleveland surroundings.

Recent posts by Ellery Hollister

RECS vs. Carbon Offset: Build Your Sustainability Strategy


8 minutes

Renewable energy sources currently account for just 8% of the 102.83 total quadrillion BTUs of energy production and consumption generated in the United States each year. But with conversations about global warming and sustainability on the rise, organizations must become more knowledgeable about how they can use tools like carbon offsets and renewable energy creditsRead more “RECS vs. Carbon Offset: Build Your Sustainability Strategy”

Maximize Efficiency: How Load and Power Factors Affect Your Energy Bill 


7 minutes

Did you know that knowing your business’s electrical load factor can help you negotiate lower energy prices? Understanding your unique load factor can unlock unique business energy plans with lower rates. It can also help you improve the operational efficiency of your company!  What is Load Factor?  A business’s electrical load factor is a measureRead more “Maximize Efficiency: How Load and Power Factors Affect Your Energy Bill “