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Alexa Cottone

Alexa Cottone is Integrity Energy’s dynamic Digital Marketing Manager and University of Akron alum with Bachelor’s Degrees in Sales and Marketing Management and Business Administration. Her marketing expertise lies in increasing brand visibility and ensuring high-ranking, quality content that benefits and informs commercial energy consumers. Alexa crafts comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to Integrity Energy’s unique customer base. Outside of her professional endeavors, she finds joy in diverse interests such as cooking, enjoying sunny days on the golf course, and embarking on adventures to ski resorts across the United States.

Recent posts by Alexa Cottone

How to Change Commercial Energy Suppliers in 4 Easy Steps


7 minutes

Did you know that businesses in deregulated energy markets have the power to cut their energy bills up to 50%? In today’s competitive landscape, businesses in deregulated energy markets hold the key to significant savings. With the power to choose your energy supplier, you can unlock unparalleled cost savings and align your energy use withRead more “How to Change Commercial Energy Suppliers in 4 Easy Steps”

Illuminate a World of Energy Savings with LED Lighting


6 minutes

Ready to shed some light on your business’s bottom line? Let’s illuminate a path to savings with the brilliance of LED technology. Lighting accounts for 17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial buildings. Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting unlocks significant cost savings due to their improved performance and prolonged lifespan compared to traditional lighting. ExploreRead more “Illuminate a World of Energy Savings with LED Lighting”

Maximize Energy Savings with a Spring Cleaning Routine 


5 minutes

Spring Cleaning Checklist Spring cleaning is often a whirlwind of cleaning tasks – It can be overwhelming to determine where to start!  From HVAC maintenance and appliance care to examining electronics, our spring cleaning tips provide three focal points to maximize energy savings and lower utility costs.  With warming weather and spring flowers in bloom,Read more “Maximize Energy Savings with a Spring Cleaning Routine “

Debunked: The Truth About Election Year Energy Price Trends


3 minutes

Does an Election Year Impact Energy Prices? Nearly half of all Americans believe that Presidential elections have more influence on energy and fuel prices than market forces. For this portion of the American population, gas and oil prices are more about politics than economics. However, energy experts and economists have a different opinion.   Denton Cinquegrana,Read more “Debunked: The Truth About Election Year Energy Price Trends”