About Integrity Energy

With more energy options available than ever, Integrity Energy is dedicated to providing customized, cost-effective solutions that suit the business needs of every customer.

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Where we began

Established in 2010 by Cleveland, Ohio natives Mike Naughton and Paul Nero, Integrity Energy was founded to provide businesses of all sizes with the best commercial electricity and natural gas rates available on the market. With over 40,000 customers served and relationships with over 30 leading suppliers, we’re able to secure some of the most competitive pricing across the country, allowing us to pass the savings along to our clients.

As a leading energy broker in the United States, we pride ourselves on continually refining and improving our offerings and services to adapt in the ever-changing energy market. Our leadership team has over five decades of combined executive experience and continues to push the organization to new heights and advancements, with its most recent being the launch of online residential energy marketplace, PriceToCompare.com.

Keeping businesses price protected through the unpredictable

Our goal is to make the unpredictable, predictable - at least when it comes to energy spending. Energy rates, and the variables that affect them, are often completely out of business owners’ hands. This can leave their bottom lines vulnerable to price hikes caused by natural disasters, seasonal demand increases, fuel shortages and so much more.

Integrity Energy is passionate about protecting your business from unexpectedly high energy bills by finding, negotiating and providing the absolute best energy plans available. With our fully-staffed account management department available 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday, and a dedicated renewal team constantly monitoring the market for your future contract options, we’ll make sure you’re always covered with a great rate, no matter what.

Find the right commercial energy plan for your business today

The best way to avoid high energy bills is to plan ahead. Don’t wait for the next energy market swing when price protection is just three simple steps away:

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  • Get long-term energy price protection for your business.

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